It’s Fall, So I Took Some Photos of Leaves

It’s fall. In other news, people from New York City like to rent cars, grab their DSLRs, and drive up throughout the Northeast to look at the changing colors. It’s a tradition we love to hate on tourists for, but it is probably the favorite season of most Northern United States-ers. Why? How many places in the world see leaves in such varied hues? We owe it all to the maple. Thanks, Canadia. In all seriousness, though, I’ve only been around for one fall in the past few years, and having been in so many countries where the only seasons are rainy or dry, showing my friends in India and around the world the amazing natural colors currently surrounding us is a privilege.

The bad news: The colors weren’t so hot this year. Perhaps it was all the rain during the summer, or maybe it was just too much wind this month. Whatever it was, the trees have been off their game. The leaves seem to have stopped at yellow for the most part, then fallen off. I only saw a few oranges and reds in the three states I was able to explore the past few weeks. Whatever it was, I did my best to find and photograph the best colors for your perusal. So come along, kids, and let’s see what the Northeast has to offer!


It’s beautiful to stop looking up and to look down at the ground. Just feet from each other, the ground can look so much different depending on the trees above.

If you’re still looking down and haven’t yet tripped, look closely at the fallen leaves. I almost stepped on this little guy! A beauty, eh?

And when all else fails, go to a waterfall park. I snapped this one at Kent Falls State Park in Connecticut. No editing needed here.

Below, enjoy a variety of photos I took in New York (the city, downstate, and upstate), Massachusetts, and Connecticut.


5 thoughts on “It’s Fall, So I Took Some Photos of Leaves

  1. Lovely shots? I especially love the blue berries with the soft background, and the little frog. You even got the fethery water effect in the little stream. Inspires me to get more creative with my photography.

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