Summer’s End, the Start of Fall, and Lots o’ Apples

When your friend schleps out from California to visit you, you best show that friend a good time. Luckily I had a string of five (5!) days in a row during which I felt great, so I was able to bring Vic (a full-time photographer) around some of my favorite little places in New York and Connecticut. While it was odd to feel so great (I’m currently dealing with a terrible and possibly chronic illness), it was odder yet to see professional-quality photos of myself. I’m not posting several of them here for your enjoyment. You can thank me anytime.
Among the spots visited: an abandoned apple orchard, Walkway over the Hudson, my favorite cave/stream/hiking path, a local airport, various grocery markets (I have a fascination with them), various creepy abandoned buildings, local farms, etc.

Here’s a fun shot – my friend Vic taking a photo of me photographing apples, me taking a photo of him photographing the apples, and the final photo.

Things cooked: Apple chutney, apple cake, breakfast burritos, Indian potato cakes, kale-bleu-shallot flatbread, Indian toast, furikake tofu, bananas foster, and much more. Needless to say, we were a bit heavier by the time my friend left upstate and NYC.

Then there were the photo experiments with off-camera flashes, light-jumping rope. Gosh do we sound geeky.

But my favorite shot of the week was probably this simple cornfield with a lone tree and the sky just right (below):

Except for the rampant Lyme-infested ticks, I love the outdoors here. Well, that’s a big exception, but let’s talk about that another time, shall we?

Enjoy a few of the photos from our mini adventures.


2 thoughts on “Summer’s End, the Start of Fall, and Lots o’ Apples

  1. Hi – stumbled upon your blog – great pics! Do you happen to remember where that abandoned orchard is located? Thanks!

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