If you’d like to look back at past #travelpics chat recaps, then this is the place to do it! I started #travelpics in April of 2013, and though I haven’t been doing recaps since the beginning, I have far too many of them to keep on the main page. This new archive page will help keep the #travelpics page easier to manage, so enjoy some of the best photos from weeks past right here!


ARCHIVE: Old #travelpics recaps (up through September 2014). For the current #travelpics chat recaps and questions, see the main page here.


09-29-14 This week’s theme was mountains, and participants definitely dug out their most extreme, beautiful, and crazy mountain photos! I was shocked at how passionate people were about climbing, viewing, photographing, and protecting these incredible and unique wonders. From Nepal and Peru to lesser-known formations in Antarctica and Guatemala, folks shared absolutely lovely shots. In fact, choosing was so hard that I went for the most unique–not just most beautiful. Enjoy!


[RECAP] Questions for Monday’s mountains-themed #travelpics chat: 
(3:00) Intros: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re tweeting from today!
(3:05) Q1: What’s the tallest mountain you’ve summited, and how did you do it? (Hiking, car, tour bus…)
(3:10) Q2: Share a photo you took of or on an incredible mountain.
(3:20) Q3: What’s a mountain you’d like to climb in your lifetime, and what kind of camera would you pack?
(3:30) Q4: Put it in perspective: Tweet a photo of yourself or something interesting on a mountain.
(3:40) Q5: What’s something surprising/odd/unique about a mountain near you or abroad?
(3:50) Q6: Whether pretty, stormy, snow-covered or wildflower-surrounded, share a beautiful mountain photo of yours.


09-22-14 This week’s theme was black and white travel photography. Black and white, or the shortened version, B&W, is an often underutilized way of drawing in viewers. But once again, #travelpics participants from Senegal to Mexico showed their lovely, haunting, and awesome B&W photos from travels around the world.
[RECAP] Questions for Monday’s “black & white” #travelpics chat: 
(3:00) Intros: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re tweeting from today!
(3:05) Q1: Do you take B&W travel photos? Convert color to B&W later? Hate B&W? 
(3:10) Q2: Share a black & white travel portrait you’ve taken that really grabs you. What is it that’s special?
(3:20) Q3: Travel is rarely black & white. What’s something unique that you love, hate, or are unsure about when abroad?
(3:30) Q4: Show us an eye-catching travel photo in B&W, and, if you have it, ALSO in color. 
(3:40) Q5: Tweet your own question on B&W travel photography! Or, tweet out a tip of your own.
(3:50) Q6: Tweet out a place, landmark, or moment that B&W really captured perfectly.

09-15-14 Last week’s theme was green in honor of the last days before fall and winter. Participants from Mexico to Uganda shared photos of green landscapes, green buildings, green accents, and green bugs. There were quite a variety of shades as well, from yellow-greens and olives to aquas and emeralds. Picking favorites was nearly impossible, so I chose this bunch based not only on the beautiful use of green, but also on chat popularity, variety, and uniqueness.Enjoy!

[RECAP] Questions for Monday’s  15th’s “green” #travelpics chat:
(3:00) Intros: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re tweeting from today!
(3:05) Q1: When you think “green,” what comes to mind? Architecture, specific places, plants?
(3:10) Q2: Share a photo of the most green nature scene you’ve encountered while traveling. What was it like?
(3:20) Q3: What’s a cool “green” structure or idea you’ve seen during your travels? Photos?
(3:30) Q4: Whether an accent or the star of the photo, show us something green we’ve probably never seen. (Rhyming answers not nec.)
(3:40) Q5: Do you like green landscapes, or do you prefer desert, sea, snow, or something else? Why?
(3:50) Q6: Share a travel photo where the color green was unexpected or mind-blowing.


09-08-14 After a week off for Labor Day in the USA, our theme ended up being “work & labor,” as suggested by longtime #travelpics participant @Allophile. Thanks, Joseph!

For this week’s chat, we shared photos of unusual and tough labor around the world–and also shared stories of unique jobs we have had. From “human sherpas” and ear cleaners in India to international babysitting and animal research, we shared the good, tough, beautiful, and crazy. Here are some of my favorites!


[RECAP] Questions for Monday, September 8th’s #travelpics on “work”:
(3:00) Intros: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re tweeting from today!
(3:05) Q1: Where have your worked around the world? What did you do, and did you enjoy it?
(3:10) Q2: From farming to skydiving, share a travel photo of people at work anywhere in the world.
(3:20) Q3: What do you consider to be some of the toughest jobs in the world?
(3:30) Q4: Share a photo of someone working in a way you found unfamiliar or unique way.
(3:40) Q5: What is your dream travel-inspired job? (Other than a travel writer/photographer, of course!)
(3:50) Q6: Have a photo of you working somewhere abroad? Share it now–or tell us a job you’d like to try out!


08-25-14 As summer in the northern hemisphere winds down, it seemed only fitting to host a summer-themed #travelpics. Though much sea, sun, and sand came into play, our awesome #travelpics participants pushed the limits of what summer means: We had infrared photography, snow-capped mountains, summers spent in India, and so much more. We also saw lovely sunsets, summer berries, waterfalls, and picnic photos from ’round the world. Check out some of our favorites!

Questions for Monday’s summer-themed #travelpics chat: 
(3:00) Intros: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re tweeting from today!
(3:05) Q1: Home or abroad, where is your favorite place to spend your summer? Why?
(3:10) Q2: Share a photo from your most recent quintessential summer vacation.
(3:20) Q3: BESIDES swimming at the beach, what do you think of when you picture summer? Favorite activities?
(3:30) Q4: Show a summer photo of yours that ISN’T sand, surf, or sunglasses.
(3:40) Q5: What is the most unique place you’ve ever spent your summer?
(3:50) Q6: From hiking to wildflowers, show off your favorite view of summer anywhere in the world!



08-18-14 Last week’s theme was “crazy nature,” and folks from all around the world joined in to share stories and photos of kooky animals, crazy cloud formations, and so much more! We had a blast seeing participants’ photos of beautiful sunsets from the Cook Islands, odd cloud formations in Arizona, and flowers of South Africa. It was so hard to pick favorites this week!

[RECAP] Questions for Monday’s “crazy nature” #travelpics chat: 
(3:00) Intros: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re tweeting from today!
(3:05) Q1: What country do you think has the craziest flora, fauna, and overall nature?
(3:10) Q2:  Beautiful and crazy shapes can be found in nature by looking carefully. Share your favorite!
(3:20) Q3: Wild food, remote tribes, and lightning storms…what’s your fondest nature memory?
(3:30) Q4: Share a photo of the most wild colors you’ve seen in nature: birds, exotic fruit, azure waters…
(3:40) Q5: From volcano eruptions to animal encounters, share a crazy story of close encounters with nature.
(3:50) Q6: Tweet out your favorite photo that best represents “crazy nature”!


08-11-14 This week’s theme was “sports”–but we didn’t stick with football and baseball! Participants invented new sports, showed off photos of odd sports in other countries, and more. From paragliding to drinking beer, participants didn’t shy away from sharing their favorite “non-relaxation” activities of choice.

[RECAP] Questions for last week’s #travelpics chat on “sports”: 
(3:00) Intros: Please introduce yourself and tell us the country you’re tweeting from today!
(3:05) Q1: What is the most bizarre sport you’ve ever played or witnessed? Where was it?
(3:10) Q2: What is your favorite “non-sport” sport to play at home or abroad? Photo of you doing it?
(3:20) Q3: Tell us about the best sporting event you’ve ever attended while abroad (or the one you dream of!).
(3:30) Q4: Thinking of travel and sports photography, share a photo of yours that best represents what’s going through your mind.
(3:40) Q5: Invent a new sport. Where and how would it be played?
(3:50) Q6: From slow-paced fishing to fast-paced skiing, show off your most professional-quality sports shot!


08-04-14 Last week’s theme was “quickfire,” and participants enjoyed answering a dozen fast-paced questions on photography, travel, and more! It was really a blast, though perhaps we all ended the night with higher-than-normal blood pressure. With participants from quite a few continents around the world, both new and returning, it was quite fun sharing photos of mishaps, interesting people, remote locations, odd foods, modern cities, and so much more. With a dozen questions, the #travelpics gang didn’t disappoint!

[RECAP] Questions for Monday’s “quickfire” #travelpics chat: 

(3:00) Intros: What country are you currently in? What one would you like to be in instead?
(3:05) Q1: Share the most recent travel photo you’ve taken. Where is it?
(3:10) Q2: Which countries have you lived in for 1 month or longer? Your favorite?
(3:15) Q3: Share a humorous photo from an excursion gone awry.
(3:20) Q4: What photo equipment can you not do without while on the road?
(3:25) Q5: Luxury: Tell us or show us how you’ve traveled in style!
(3:30) Q6: Got a weird food story from the road? Share it–photos welcome!
(3:35) Q7: What’s the coolest city you’ve ever visited? Why? (Photos?)
(3:40) Q8: The most beautiful spot you’ve ever been to is _________.
(3:45) Q9: Tweet one of your favorite travel photos from a place near & dear to your heart.
(3:50) Q10: What country would you never be interested in seeing? What one would you jump on a plane tonight to see?
(3:55) Q11: Happiness on the road: What’s one of your best memories? Show us or tell us!


07-28-14 Last week we shared photos on the theme of “exotic,” including islands, flyovers, penguins, foods, and more. After all, the word is an interpretation based on how you were raised and where you are. What’s exotic to one may be banal to another! It was extremely difficult to pick the favorites here, but without further ado, here are a few.

  [RECAP] Questions for Monday’s “exotic”-themed #travelpics chat: (3:05) Q1: What’s an exotic location that you’ve never been to, but are eager to visit? (3:10) Q2: When you think of the word “exotic,” what do you think of? Share your travel photo interpretation. (3:20) Q3: Share a photo of something exotic you found in the natural world! (3:30) Q4: What is it you like most about exotic locations? Scenery, weather, people, cuisine, customs…? (3:40) Q5: Scenery often makes a spot exotic. Tweet a shot of a stunning location. (3:50) Q6: What’s the most exotic place you’ve ever seen? What made it incredible?


07-21-14 This past week’s theme was budget travel. From free places to sleep to amazingly cheap vacations, participants shared photos and stories of it all. Some folks Couchsurfed for free, while others splurged on fancy meals or outdoor adventures. And others still splurged not at all, choosing instead to enjoy free walks and nature ’round town. See some splurges and budget travel photos from #travelpics chatters below!

[RECAP] Questions for Monday’s “budget travel” #travelpics chat: 
(3:00) (Intros:) Where are you from, and what’s your favorite country for budget travel?
(3:05) Q1: What’s your budget traveling style? Do you live on the cheap or live large?
(3:10) Q2: Show us a budget photo that brings you joy (where you barely spent much on your activity/meal/room/).
(3:20) Q3: What’s the most expensive trip splurge you ever took? Or your cheapest hotel or dinner? Worth it?
(3:30) Q4: Show us something free/cheap from your travels–a hike, a meal, an event–that makes for an entertaining story.
(3:40) Q5: Do you splurge on travel photography by buying equipment or making prints? Best investment to date?
(3:50) Q6: Budget travel often means authentic travel. Share a photo of your best budget travel experience!


07-14-14 Last week’s theme was “texture,” and participants did an amazing job of posting colorful shots of people, places, and everything in between. From close-ups of foods we’d rather not see to print-worthy landscapes of rice fields and more, #travelpics participants did an awesome job of showing textures from their amazing travels.

[RECAP] Questions for Monday’s #travelpics chat on “texture”: 
(3:00) Intros: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re tweeting from today!
(3:05) Q1: What are elements that add texture to make your travel photos stand out?
(3:10) Q2: Whether it’s snow in a forest or tiles on a home, show us a travel photo that’s all about texture.
(3:20) Q3: Share a photo of yours that shows off texture in a unusual fashion: shadows, birds, abstract patterns…
(3:30) Q4: Interesting people lead texture to photos, stories & experiences. Share a photo or tale of a bizarre or memorable encounter!
(3:40) Q5: Specific or general, what’s something that has added texture to your travels? Get creative!
(3:50) Q6: Textures add interest to landscapes near and far. From your backyard to travels abroad, share a “colorful” photo!


07-07-14 Last week’s theme was “pride“, and we shared stories and photos of the things locals were most passionate about (as well as the stuff that we loved showing others!). We got quite a range, from accomplishments, to odd places, to bathrooms…well, see for yourself.

 [RECAP] Questions for Monday’s #travelpics chat on “pride”: (3:05) Q1: What’s something you’re proud to share about your home country when visiting other countries? (3:10) Q2: Share a photo you’re quite proud of, whether you mastered a technique or went to great lengths to achieve the shot. (3:20) Q3: What’s an odd/interesting possession or place locals were proud of during your travels? (3:30) Q4: Show off! Give us a photo of YOU achieving something travel/photo/outdoors-related that you’re proud of. (3:40) Q5: What is a fear you never thought you’d be able to overcome, but that you proudly conquered (photos encouraged!)? (3:50) Q6: From national holidays & pride parades to family pets & accomplishments, share your photo of what “pride” means to you!


06-30-14 This week was all about food and eating abroad! From thousand-layer cakes and frites to scorpions, Guinness chocolate pops, and whale blubber, we shared a bit of everything from our eating adventures around the world. Some was fancy, and some made our eyes bug out, but all of it was interesting and too tasty not to share!

Questions for Monday’s “Food, aka “Eating abroad” #travelpics: (3:00) Intros: What country are you tweeting from today? (3:05) Q1: If you could only have one country’s cuisine for the rest of your life, which would it be and why? (3:10) Q2: Time for #food photos! Share your most scrumptious shot of a delicious dish abroad—and tell us what it is! (3:20) Q3: Whether a photo or story, share a tale of how a food experience changed your travel experiences. (3:30) Q4: Show off an extraordinary dish—good, bad, or odd—that most of us have likely never tasted! (3:40) Q5: What cuisine are you most eager to taste and why? What food have you been most disappointed in? (3:50) Q6: Any food photo will do! Share your snap of your favorite, most exciting, or most unique edible from abroad.



06-23-14 This week’s theme was “landmarks,” and from the familiar to the not-yet-so, participants around the world shared photos of places they love. Many were famous buildings; others were ruins, sculptures, or even old prisons. But far and away, people were sure passionate about one thing: The outdoors, and the amazing natural wonders so many people have fallen in love with. Mountains won this round!


02-24-14 This past week’s #travelpics theme was “unplanned.” From spontaneous travel adventures to hysterical photobombs, we shared travel photos from Borneo to Guatemala. We talked about adventures we didn’t want to relive–everything from using bathrooms in India, to not taking chances, to having a gun to the head–but also agreed (well, I did at least!) that many spontaneous stories make for the best stories. Excluding guns, of course.
[RECAP] Questions for Monday, February 24th’s “unplanned” #travelpics:
(3:00) Intros
(3:05) Q1: Do you prefer to travel spontaneously, plan everything, or do a bit of both?
(3:10) Q2: What’s an unplanned element that made its way into a travel photo of yours? Share it!
(3:20) Q3: Fill in the blank: An unplanned adventure I’d rather not relive was when __________.
(3:30) Q4: Unplanned photos sometimes carry along the best travel memories. Share one with us!
(3:40) Q5: Tell your best tale of an unplanned travel adventure. What happened and how?
(3:50) Q6: Tweet an unplanned travel photo that still makes you laugh, and share the behind-the-scenes story!


02-17-14 This week we went “back in time” for #travelpics, and participants shared photos of themselves from long ago–along with sharing photos of locations around the world that make us feel we’ve stepped back in time. We discussed modern cities too–Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Dubai got the most votes on those–and shared quite a few photos of the places, people, and customs that make us feel we’ve stepped into a time warp. Enjoy the photos from chat participants in Spain, Canada, Uganda, and more!
[RECAP] Questions for Monday, February 17th’s #travelpics on going “back in time”:
(3:00) Intros
(3:05) Q1: What’s the most futuristic/modern city you’ve visited, and what’s the most ancient?
(3:10) Q2: Share one of your favorite childhood travel stories or photos. Why is it so special?
(3:20) Q3: What country or spot makes you think you’ve traveled back in time? Why?
(3:30) Q4: Tweet a recent travel photo that makes you feel you’ve gone back in time. 
(3:40) Q5: Which country would you like to travel back in time to visit? Date/area/reason?
(3:50) Q6: Show us your best travel photo that captures an ancient tribe, practice, or place.
02-10-14 This past week’s theme was “weather,” and we shared photos and told stories of the good, bad, and ugly. From skies full of both sunshine and snow to typhoons, canceled trips, and stories of being stranded, #travelpics participants from around the globe offered up their stories of woe–along with their favorite places to play outside.
[RECAP] Questions for Monday, February 10th’s weather-themed #travelpics:
(3:00) Intros
(3:05) Q1: What climate do you enjoy living in vs. climates/weather you enjoy traveling to?
(3:10) Q2: Tweet your photo of weather that makes you happy, whether it’s a sunny beach or a thunderstorm.
(3:20) Q3: What is the most bizarre weather you ever encountered while traveling, and where was it?
(3:30) Q4: Share a weather photo that’s a bit different, be it B&W, abstract, or something else entirely!
(3:40) Q5: Tell us your best travel story where you were impacted by crazy weather.
(3:50) Q6: Give us a glimpse of your most impressive travel weather photo that you worked hard to finally get!
02-03-14  Last week’s theme was “love,” and participants showed their love for everything from places to people and animals to sunsets. The gang tuned in from Indonesia to Poland, and New Zealand to the Caribbean. While there were quite a few love stories from the road–quite a few #travelpics folks met their significant others while traveling (not surprisingly!)–we also discussed and shared photos of places we didn’t love so much. Ireland, Iceland, and New Zealand popped up frequently as favorite places, though this week’s recap features photos from all over the planet! Enjoy some beautiful scenery and portraits from the talented #travelpics gang. It was nearly impossible to pick my favorites!
[RECAP] Questions for Monday, February 3rd’s love-themed #travelpics:
(3:05) Q1: What place have you fallen most in love with from your travels, and why?
(3:10) Q2: Share a travel photo that showcases love, be it an expression, a couple, an action…
(3:20) Q3: Tell us about a person you fell in love (or in like) with during your travels.
(3:30) Q4: Love isn’t always black & white. Share a travel photo you love from a place you didn’t love so much (and why!).
(3:40) Q5: Where & Why? You must move permanently to a new country, so you choose _____.
(3:50) Q6: Love can be interpreted in so many ways. Share a travel photo of yours that says it all.
01-27-14 We celebrated festivals last week. Well, the digital version, at least. We learned about the Finnish Wife-Carrying Festival, parades where barrels of tar are burned, and much, much more. Enjoy some photos from #travelpics participants who have watched or participated in beautiful, wacky, and downright confusing festivals and cultural celebrations all over the world!
[RECAP] Questions for Monday, January 27th’s festivals-themed #travelpics chat:
(3:00) Q1: What’s your favorite festival or celebration you grew up attending? Describe it!
(3:10) Q2: Share a photo you took of any kind of celebration from your home country. Why should we attend?
(3:20) Q3: What is a lesser-known festival you’d like to travel to and attend?
(3:30) Q4: Show off a photo of you–or one you took–at a festival you traveled to. The more ridiculous, the better!
(3:40) Q5: Tell us your favorite parts of attending festivals. Is it the energy, the costumes, the food…?
(3:50) Q6: Tweet a photo from a unique cultural celebration you took part in during your travels. Why is it special?



01-20-14 Last week’s theme was “unique perspectives.” From thoughtful answers on unique travel to photos from above, we had a variety of travel tales and great photos to fit the bill! Here are just a few lovely photos, with some creative answers below.

And finally, a few interesting answers on traveling for unique perspectives:

Pathless Travels ‏@PathlessTravels A3 Don’t stick to the tourists spots and talk to people. Do not just say hello, really talk to the locals to gain insight #travelpics
Emily Kaufman ‏@thetravelmom @Sihpromatum A5-Israel was the most powerful emotional travel experience I have had because I was walking on history. #travelpics
Paul Marshman ‏@Travel_boomer A5 In Borneo I went up the Rajang River w a descendant of the headhunter tribes — we’ve been lifelong friends since #travelpics

Christie VH ‏@ChristieVH A5: Living with a family for 2 yrs as a #PeaceCorps volunteer. Nothing can compare to total immersion into another culture #travelpics

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, January 20th’s “unique perspectives” #travelpics:
(3:05) Q1: How do you define unique perspectives in travel? 
(3:10) Q2: Show us a unique perspective in a travel photo using different interpretations or unusual viewpoints-no right or wrong here!
(3:20) Q3: Do you have any unique perspective or advice when it comes to traveling differently? Share it!
(3:30) Q4: Get experimental with your travel photography! Tweet a photo taken from a unique angle–below, above, while moving…
(3:40) Q5: Many of us travel for life-changing experiences. Tell us about one that gave you a unique perspective on a place.
(3:50) Q6: Share your best travel photo that shows off an interesting, beautiful, or extremely unique perspective. Be creative!


01-13-14 This past Monday’s #travelpics theme was “unexpected,” and we got quite a variety of participant-shared photos! Folks joined in from New Zealand, Turkey, Ethiopia, Mexico, the UK, Canada, the USA, Holland, the Caribbean, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Uganda, and India–just to name a few. Some of the most interesting photos are in the gallery below, and a few amusing answers to this week’s questions are underneath the gallery.

What about the most unexpected part of your current location, a time when you were too surprised to even take the photo, or other travel tales of the unexpected? Here are a few interesting answers from participants:

Dave Cole ‏@cooksipgo: A1 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The art scene here was why @nytimestravel named this city one of the 52 places to visit in 2014. #travelpics
Shannon Elizabeth ✈ ‏@lavidashannon@TheTravelCamel A1: Currently in #Anguilla! Something unexpected — Caribbean’s best dining. Great surprise on a tiny island! #travelpics
Dawn Corleone ‏@DawnCorleone@melbtravel A3. Rainstorm & flashflood in southern Moroccan desert. Road washed out. Had to spend most of the night on bus. #travelpics
Bryanna Plog ‏@BryannaPlog: A3 On a train in Tanzania, talking with a young nun. Messed up my Swahili and we started talking…in Spanish. Random.
Gypsy Shutterbug ‏@TaraLowryPhoto: A3: Enroute to a shamaness in Oaxaca, the engine fell out of our car! Upon arrival she told me I needed a curse removed. #travelpics
East African Trails ‏@EAfricanTrails: A5:Viewing the total solar eclipse in #Uganda. When it happened it was so beautiful, yet lasted only 10 sec. No time for pic #travelpics

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, January 13th’s #travelpics:

(3:00) Q1: Where are you currently, and what might visitors to your area find that’s completely unexpected?
(3:10) Q2: Share a photo that has an unexpected element to it, either subtle or ludicrous!
(3:20) Q3: Tell a tale with an unexpected travel twist. Change of destination, surprises, unpreparedness…?
(3:30) Q4: Sometimes accidental photos turn out beautiful. Show us an unexpectedly awesome snap!
(3:40) Q5: Were you ever too surprised at something that you forgot to take a photo? Tell us about that missed opportunity!
(3:50) Q6: Tweet the most shocking or unexpected travel photo you have. What’s the story behind it?   


01-06-14 Here in North America, the days are awfully short. It gets dark before 5PM, leading us to the theme of “night shots” in travel. Though a tripod is often necessary for nighttime photography, our talented photographers from around the world proved that they’re willing to put in the work and bear the cold to get some truly beautiful shots. Here are some of the best from Monday’s #travelpics chat! Thanks to @Stujackz and @TurtlesTravel for guest co-hosting this week.

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, January 6th’s night shots-themed #travelpics:


(3:05) Q1: What do you enjoy most about nighttime photography? What about least?
(3:10) Q2: Tweet a night travel photo of yours that is mysterious or unique.
(3:20) Q3: What cities/parks/places have the best nightscapes and why?
(3:30) Q4: Share a night photo that uses a technique such as a long exposure, light trails, or stitching.
(3:40) Q5: What equipment do you use for night shots? Any special editing techniques? 
(3:50) Q6: Show your favorite nighttime photo, whether it’s a landscape, portrait, or something else entirely!


12-30-13 For the last #travelpics of the year we fittingly had “2013 in review” as our theme. Many of our #travelpics regulars tuned in to share their greatest travel and photography accomplishments of the year, while more newbies joined in from around the world. I, for one, was quite jealous! Here’s a sampling of some of the best these photographers shared from their 2013 travels:

Co-host Shane Dallas (@TheTravelCamel), currently in Somaliland, took this stunning photo of a mother and son in Afghanistan. Not an easy photo to get, and can you stop staring at those eyes? I can’t.

Melissa Butler (@melbtravel) of the UK took this fairytale-esque shot of Bosnia this year. How stunning!

Erick (@PathlessTravels) from the USA got this colorful long exposure by going for a different angle. Worth it!

Alex (@LensBeyond) of the UK took this awesomely creepy self-portrait in Georgia. Just look at that scenery!

Travel Mindset (@TravelMindset) of the USA captured the sun hitting the orange sands of the Sahara desert juts so:

And finally, the talented Stuart Jackson (@StuJackz) of the UK showed off this fantastic wild baboon portrait. Hot diggity dang!

Thank you again to everyone for making #travelpics such an incredible chat! I am extremely grateful to my co-hosts–@poonamparihar, @avacationaday, @TheTravelCamel, and @Sihpromatum, as well as the late @wheretogoam–who really helped me get #travelpics going. Incredible friends, family, and (mostly) folks I’ve never met participated throughout the year. We had people from Argentina, Vietnam, New Zealand, the USA, Wales, Canada, Poland, Kenya, Qatar, Thailand, and nearly everywhere in between come share their travel photography and trip stories on #travelpics. Thank you to you all, from the bottom of my heart. Let’s make 2014 even better!

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, December 30th’s #travelpics:

(3:05) Q1: What travel photography opportunity was the highlight of the year for you and why?

(3:10) Q2: Tweet a travel photo representing a crazy, scary, or memorable moment from 2013.

(3:20) Q3: When it comes to travel photography, what are you looking to try out/experiment with/improve upon in 2014?

(3:30) Q4: Share your favorite photo you took in 2013. Where did you take it?

(3:40) Q5: Travel & photography has its highs and lows. What were your notable highs & lows for 2013? (3:50) Q6: Show us your most unique photo of the year. What makes it stand out? Happy New Year 2014, all!


12-16-13 Last week’s danger-themed #travelpics brought out scary stories, amusing stories, and more than our fair share of slips, trips, and falls. We heard of scary border crossings, falling off steep hiking paths, being pinned under rafts, snowboarding accidents, grenade scares…well, don’t worry; everyone who participated had (sort of) learned a few lessons and was positive about these near-life misses! Plus, they shared some pretty great photos.

Zulu Irminger (@ZuluTravels) of the UK usually cliff jumps/flips off things into water, but chose just to (mostly) stand still at this awesome peak in Oregon, USA:

Anubha Momin (@_anubha) enjoys frozen snowmobiling in the near-ish Canadian Arctic. As you can see, there are many people nearby to help should a polar bear suddenly appear…

Speaking of polar bears…this is as close as Alison (@AlisonKarlene) of Canada will get to one. Yes, it’s stuffed. But after a dangerous snowboarding accident in Europe, this girl deserves some peace of mind!

Derek Tacconelli (@DerekTac) of the USA chose to get high up on Victoria Peak for this stunning HDR of Hong Kong:

Good ol’ Red (@furiouslypanda) of Singapore proved that eating can in fact be dangerous, but at least this restaurant in Somaliland was watching out for him. (Sign says no guns, grenades, or knives please!):

Shara (@SKJtraveler) of the USA sort of won the “You really ARE crazy!” bet with this capture of her shimmying across a cable wire over a semi-frozen river in Iceland. Yes, she had to do it on the way back, too. No safety net.

Melissa Butler (@melbtravel) of the UK got a whopping 28 favorites (and counting!) so far of this photo she shared at the UK’s own Snowdonia peaks: Would you hike it?

Never one to shy away from a photo opportunity, co-host Savannah Grace (@Sihpromatum) struck a pose with an AK-47 at a poppy field in Afghanistan:

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, December 16th’s danger-themed #travelpics:

(3:00) Q1: Where are you living, and where have you traveled that you heard was dangerous but really wasn’t?
(3:10) Q2: Tweet a photo of YOU that shows you somewhere with a risk or danger element.
(3:20) Q3: When traveling, what customs/activities/habits do you partake in that are dangerous?
(3:30) Q4: Share a travel photo you took of something scary or dangerous.
(3:40) Q5: Tell us a short tale involving danger from your travels (but don’t scare us too much!).
(3:50) Q6: Skydiving, traveling, and even eating can sometimes be dangerous. Share a photo of such an event!


12-09-13 Last week’s theme was “ancient worlds,” and we shared photos of temples, pyramids, maps, tribal people, and so much more! We learned about dinosaur fossils in Canada, the oldest complete skeleton in Malaysia, and so much more. Best of all, our awesome participants shared their photos from around the world!

Take a look below at some of the best photos of the week from the #travelpics chat. Comment on the photos and share to your heart’s content!

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, December 9th’s ancient world’s-themed #travelpics: (3:00) Q1: Where are you currently living, and what is an ancient world people might like to visit in your own country? (3:10) Q2: Show a photo of an ancient world–landscapes, ruins, maps–from your travels. (3:20) Q3: What is the most incredible ancient place you ever visited? What about the most disappointing (and why)? (3:30) Q4: When visiting ancient worlds, how do you prefer to take it in? A hike, a group tour, exploration alone…? (3:40) Q5: It’s not all about ruins! Share your photo of a person, ceremony, or place that makes you think of old world history. (3:50) Q6: What are some small or little-known ruins you’ve visited or would like to visit? Tweet a photo of yours!


12-02-13 Last week’s theme was “markets,” as voted for by the awesome #travelpics community. We discussed food, crafts, food, farmers, and…more food. Many of our participants honed in on the details of these markets rather than photographing the mass chaos many of us are familiar with. The stock market, luckily, was not mentioned or pictured.

Tamara (@TurtlesTravel) of the USA showed us some beautiful-but-sad delicacies at the Wangfujing night market in Beijing. Wonder if that starfish tastes good?

Stuart Jackson (@StuJackz) of the UK got right in on the action in Sri Lanka by capturing a B&W of this hammerhead shark catch:

@easytoursofasia from the USA demonstrated how sometimes the customers come right to you (Tamil Nadu, India):

@travelopulent of South Africa pointed out her country’s unique jewelry and specialty arts:

I (@AntiTourist) showed off a colorful floating market favorite of mine from Vietnam:

And finally, though many folks posted beautiful photos of fresh produce, cheeses, sheep sheering, trinkets, and more, it was this candyful photo in Barcelona from Shara (@SKJtraveler) that made me salivate like no other:

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, December 2nd’s “markets”-themed #travelpics:
(3:00) Intros
(3:06) Q1: What types of markets do you enjoy going to? Any you don’t like? 
(3:10) Q2: Much work goes into creating products sold at markets. Share a “before” photo of a farmer, artist, or worker.
(3:20) Q3: Show & Tell: What is the most amazing item you have ever seen at a market? Did you purchase it or try it?
(3:30) Q4: What do you like to photograph at markets and why? Techniques for shooting behind the scenes, action, food, etc.?
(3:40) Q5: Perusing food markets is one of the best parts of traveling. Where are your favorites? Share a photo!
(3:50) Q6: Tweet a photo of whatever “market” means to you: a souvenir, meal, employee, building, sign…


11/25/13 – This week we had perhaps the funniest #travelpics in recent history. Guest co-host @CharlesMcCool suggested “signs” as the theme, and so we had folks from Ethiopia to Thailand, Canada to India, South Africa to Wales, and everywhere in between join to show their photos of funny, scary, serious, and metaphorical signs from their travels around the globe.

Click any of the photos, comment, and look through the gallery of some of my favorites!

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, November 25th’s signs-themed #travelpics: 
(3:00) Intros
(3:05) Q1: What signs might a foreigner visiting your country find confusing, funny, or shocking?
(3:10) Q2: What is the most amusing or confusing sign you’ve ever seen while traveling? Share it!
(3:20) Q3: Throughout your travels, were you ever given a metaphorical sign or path to follow?
(3:30) Q4: Post a travel photo of yours that you interpret to be a sign–artwork, an expression…?
(3:40) Q5: Speaking of signs, have you ever been to a psychic, fortune teller, or mystical/religious teacher? Stories?
(3:50) Q6: Share your best travel photo that’s your spin on “signs.” What does it mean to you?



Last week’s theme was “yin and yang,” and participants did a fantastic job of posting “opposites attract” photos from their travels! We had participants from Hawaii, USA to Australia and Italy to Vietnam present us with their photos from around the world.

Henriette (@tinyitchyfeet) from the UK captured this oh-so-perfect yin-and-yang trees photo in Singapore: (Funny enough, I have been to this exact beach just last year because an old college friend of mine lives within walking distance!)

Shara (@SKJtraveler) of the USA caught this Icelandic landscape that embodied the “fire & ice” yin-and-yang theme: 

Anna Parker (@aeparker81) of the UK caught this lone, dark figure in a confusing but awesome-looking weather pattern in Wales:

Tamara (@Turtlestravel) of the USA used a long exposure to achieve yin and yang in Bangkok’s busy streets:

Boomergirl (@boomergir50) of Canada showed us a part of her country few of us knew existed–the Canadian Badlands! Would you ever guess this was Canada?

J. Cyr (@Allophile) of the USA used selective color in a reflection to show yin and yang (water and the Arizona desert) in quite the unique way:

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, November 18th’s “yin and yang”-themed #travelpics:
(3:05) Q1: Yin and yang seem opposite but are interconnected. If your  own country is your yin, what traveled-to country is your yang?
(3:10) Q2: Show us a photo from a place quite opposite to where you live. What is the same AND different?
(3:20) Q3: How do you believe travel relates to the concept of yin and yang?
(3:30) Q4: Tweet a photo that shows yin and yang: light & dark, fire & ice, etc.
(3:40) Q5: What’s a photography experiment or technique that’s related to yin and yang? Tell us or show us!
(3:50) Q6: Share your best travel photo that represents your definition of “connected opposites”–yin & yang


Last week’s #travelpics theme was “feeling alive!” It was a fun one, and our passionate participants shared what feeling alive meant to them. Oh right–they shared wonderful photos, too!

Jitaditya (@thetravellingslack) from India shared this incredible and little-known spot in the far north of the country. You can bet he felt alive while staring at this magnificent scenery!

Louise (@tvod2) from the USA caught some stunning green Aurora Borealis while undoubtedly ice climbing in Iceland:

Melissa Butler (@melbtravel) of the UK took a rest after an intense hike up Tryfan, Snowdonia, Wales:

Co-host Shane Dallas (@TheTravelCamel), currently in the UAE, was the first tourist of 2013 to visit Afghanistan’s Mt. Baba Tangi. He looks awfully excited to be there!

Courtney (@ThoseWW) of the USA shared what she calls “a natural playground” from her former home-away-from-home, Los Tres Brazos, Panama:

Jodi (@AlpineResort) in Canada said that although she loves traveling, she feels alive most at home. I suppose that if others had a view like this, they might feel that way too!

LovePuffin (@LovePuffin) of the UK shared this crazy photo of her paragliding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now THAT is feeling alive! I asked #travelpics participants, “How do you define feeling alive?” Many shared some scary and/or amazing experiences, and here are some of the best answers: kpowley: A1: Rush of happiness, inspiration, adrenaline, something that makes you think and be completely engrossed in the moment. Phew. #travelpics @SKJtraveler: A1. To be acutely aware of & interested in your surroundings + your own physical & emotional state #travelpics @ApertureF64: A1 feeling alive; heart beating, brain buzzing, limbs tingling. This is the feeling of being alive. #travelpics @Living_Escaping: A5: I was in Hong Kong with my camping gear when I was chased into the bushes by a crazy feral cow. Haha! (wasn’t laughing then) #travelpics @TripnikTips: A1: it means to experience things, to get ur 5 senses going through a heightened sense of awareness. Travel is good for this! #travelpics

@easytoursofasia: A3. Feeling alive is a state of mind… It can be anywhere… though the greatest adrenaline rushes come mostly from travel #Travelpics
[RECAP] Questions for Monday, November 11th’s #travelpics: 
(3:05) Q1: How do you interpret “feeling alive”? What does it mean to you?
(3:10) Q2: Share a photo of yourself from the time you felt most alive–on a mountain, in the wild, under water…
(3:20) Q3: Do you feel most alive when at home, planning your travels, traveling, or taking travel photos?
(3:30) Q4: What, where, or when do you feel the most alive? Show us an incredible travel photo that brings that rush back!
(3:40) Q5: Tell us about that time you barely escaped with your life/gear/sanity. Where were you?
(3:5o) Q6: Tweet a photo from your favorite spot (so far) on Earth. What makes you feel alive there?


This week the #travelpics theme was “mood,” and participants posted comments and photos that got us all thinking! From highs and lows to sadness and surprise, we shared our travel photos that brought about different moods. In addition to my wonderful team of regular co-hosts, I had UK couple @TrekSnappy and @DukeSilas joining to guest co-host. The day after our #travelpics chat, this adventuresome couple left on a 6-month trip to South America. You can bet they’re experiencing excitement, nervousness, and every mood in between. To be fair, we had a very “moody” chat/share this week as well!

This week’s featured photos came from participants in South Africa, the USA, Canada, Argentina, and the UK. Here are the photos being shared in a new format–what do you think?

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, November 4th’s mood-themed #travelpics chat:

(3:05) Q1: In what country have you experienced the most highs & lows? (3:10) Q2: Share a travel photo you took that always lifts your mood if you’ve had a bad day. (3:20) Q3: What tends to cause your moods to change–for better or for worse–when traveling? People, situations, …?  (3:30) Q4: Share with us a place, idea, or photo of yours that puts you in a thoughtful mood. (3:40) Q5: Where in your travels have you felt the most moodiness–in surroundings or your own feelings? Describe/show it. (3:50) Q6: Lighting, weather, action…share a travel photo that captures the mood of the moment!


Last week’s theme was “wild ‘n’ wacky,” and we shared…well, interesting photos. They were pretty wacky, that’s for sure! Due to a time change in the UK, many #travelpics regulars weren’t able to attend. Luckily we’ll see them next week–and we were able to say hello to new faces from the USA, Canada, Nepal, the UK, and more!

Erik Scalavino (@E_Scal) from the USA caught this cheetah who was so comfortable with people on safari in Kenya, it decided to jump INTO the vehicle. I can only imagine the screams…great capture!

Benjamin Rowe (@ApertureF64) of Poland could this perfect moment of a pigeon drinking from a golden frog spout. What perfect composition!

Charles (@CharlesMcCool) of the USA always manages to find wacky amusements during his travels, and this Easter-themed manatee mailbox in Florida is no exception:

Co-host Savannah Grace (@Sihpromatum) of Canada witnessed her brother feeding a hyena by mouth in Ethiopia. Crazy, no?

LovePuffin Travels (@LovePuffin) of the UK shot this bizarre scene of a rabbit being sheared for its fur in New Zealand:

Finally, Alison (@AlisonKarlene) shared this soothing photo of a home in Norway…with a grass roof: Wacky!

Meanwhile, the #travelpics group of photographers have seen some pretty zany things. Here are just a few:

Kateryna (@MotleyPlanet) A3: Two men following ppl around downtown disguised as human sized x-mas presents; it was July. #travelpics
Carole Rosenblat (@RblCause) A3: Twin water spouts while working on cruise ship. Was running a volleyball tournament and didn’t have camera with me. #travelpics Paul Marshman (@Travellboomer) A4: I have a pic of three monkeys trying to milk a cow in India — but it’s on film and I can’t find it #travelpics SKJ Traveler (@SKJtraveler) @TheTravelCamel@poonamparihar@AntiTourist I decided I would build mini bone church from all mice remains my cats leave. 😉 #travelpics And @TurtlesTravel posted a photo of a colorfully wrapped turtle being cared for in Florida, and explained why it came to be:

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, October 28th’s “wild ‘n’ wacky” #travelpics chat:

3pm: Welcome/intros
(3:06) Q1: Name something wild ‘n’ wacky that travelers might find in your current city or country. 
(3:10) Q2: Show us a photo of something wild! Hint: Don’t show anything from the zoo or anything normal! 
(3:20) Q3: What’s something wild ‘n’ wacky that you never got to catch on camera? Were you too scared or surprised?
(3:30) Q4: Share a wacky photo! It can be an abstract, a self portrait, a UFO…
(3:40) Q5: Tell us about the wackiest event, craziest place, or wildest thing you ever got to see on your travels.
(3:50) Q6: Up for interpretation: Submit any travel photo of yours that could be considered wild, wacky, or just plain nuts!


Last week’s #travelpics topic was “timing is everything,” and we had a fun time telling travel woes, just-missed photo opps, and more while sharing incredibly timed photographs from around the world. Once again, it was very hard picking just a few photos to showcase; I couldn’t even fit all the ones we loved!

Co-host Poonam Parihar (@poonamparihar) of the USA was able to catch the northern lights during her trip last week to Alaska. Lucky!

Photo opps like these come rarely, and luckily Rory Alexander (@Rory_Alexander) of South Africa was there with his keen eye and long lens to catch this goshawk feasting on a mouse:

J. Cyr (@Allophile) waited six winters in Arizona to catch snow on Arizona’s saguaro cacti. Nice.

Co-host Shane Dallas (@TheTravelCamel), one of our resident nomads but originally from Australia, shot blindly through steam and wind to catch this colorful train shot in the Isle of Man. Love the window reflection, too!

Zulu Irminger (@ZuluTravels) of the UK got the time just right to photograph this BASE jumper leaping off the edge in the USA:

Yes, occasionally I’m allowed to show some of my photos, too! I took this one around 3:30AM in the California desert. Seeing such amazing beauty was kind of a religious experience:

Though Shara (@SKJtraveler) of the USA is accustomed to being behind the camera, these python handlers in Uganda decided to turn the tables on her!

Atul M K (@pixodentist) captured this Edinburgh monument at just the right time to look haunted:

Eytan Levy (@SnarkyNomad) ran to catch this Hitchcock-approved sunset in Croatia:

Co-host Savannah Grace (@Sihpromatum) captured an upright killer whale in Canada:

Emma (@LovingOurPics) caught this unannounced car parade with the Queen in the backseat:

Shannon McMullan (@shannonartsdiva) waited years to catch this sun-and-fog-encapsulated island:

Liz (@go_phetch) caught the moonrise and the sunset at Crater Lake:

What cameras/lenses/phones do people keep handy at all times?

Atul MK (@pixodentist) keeps on his 55-250 for reach, I have my 50 prime on for portraits, most participants used their iPhones, and SKJ Traveler (@SKJTraveler) has no phone at all, preferring her G9. It’s incredible how phone cameras have changed how people travel–and capture travel memories.

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, October 21st’s timing-themed #travelpics:
(3:05) Q1: Catching the right travel moment is essential. What camera/phone/lens do you keep within arm’s reach?
(3:10) Q2: Show off a travel photo where you were in the right time at the right place: A storm, a reaction, a whale tail…anything! 
(3:20) Q3: Humor us! Share a travel photo where time was (or wasn’t?) on your side. 
(3:30) Q4: Describe a time you wish you had a camera to catch the moment, but didn’t. What happened? 
(3:40) Q5: Have you ever waited for hours or days to get the right shot? Show us the final photo!
(3:50) Q6: Jump shots, photobombs, spills & thrills: Show us your favorite shot where timing was everything! 



This past week’s theme was seasons, because here in the northern U.S., fall is upon us (and the leaves are just beautiful!) But since only a few countries experience fall, we opened up the travel discussion to include all seasons–winter, monsoon, fall, dry, you name it! We shared stories of horrible weather and shared photos of our favorite seasons at home and abroad. I was joined by a smattering of guest co-hosts in North America and the UK, where fall is being enjoyed by all.

Benjamin Rowe (@ApertureF64) from Poland opened up the chat with this stunning photo of Lake Morskie Oto, Poland. Wow!

Shara (@SKJtraveler) took this fall reflection photo at the oddly named Mud Lake in her Canadian backyard:

Chris (@1LostTraveller) of England took this stunning winter image of the northern lights in Lapland, Sweden:

Andrea Rees (@wanderingiphone) from Canada shot this winter fairy tale image of Niagara Falls:

Stephen Studd (@StephensPhotos) from the UK also enjoyed winter in Europe, as captured in this B&W image of his from Venice, Italy:

And to close out with a fitting fall image, Wayne Fenton (@DukeSilas) of the UK showed us this lovely changing leaves photo he took in New Zealand:

And if you want to see more, here are a few more favorites!

J. Cyr (@Allophile) shows off orange trees in Arizona, USA:

Alison (@AlisonKarlene) shows off golden prairies in Alberta, Canada:

Jenny Andersson (@Hikerciser) displays an idyllic day in Azores, Portugal:

Plus, you want some not-too-fun stories about weather?

Katie Featherstone (@feathertravels) of Scotland says: “A combination of 45 degree heat and a dengue fever epidemic in Cambodia was pretty brutal. So many mosquitos!”

Those Who Wander (@ThoseWW) of the USA responded, “6 hours hiking up a volcano in <32°F rain; left at midnight, w/ just a windbreaker. & no chance of a view!”

Nita Gulati (@spilling_beans) of Thailand commented, “Earlier this year in Ladakh, stranded for hours at over 5,000m above sea level because of snow!”

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, October 14th’s #travelpics: (3:00) Q1: Where you live, what are your seasons, and what is your favorite season? (Tweet a shot of it!)  (3:10) Q2: Where in the world is the best weather found? Do you enjoy seasons or prefer one constant temperature? (3:20) Q3: Share an outdoor photo of your favorite season in your own country. Where is it? (3:30) Q4: Now share an outdoor photo of your favorite season from your travels to another country.  (3:40) Q5: Tell us a (short) story about the worst weather you’ve ever experienced while traveling. (3:50) Q6: Since it’s autumn here in the USA, tweet a photo showing that fall foliage! Or, tweet a naturally colorful travel scene. 


Monday, October 7th brought about a shape-filled #travelpics suggested by @go_phetch. We shared our photos of geometry in nature, human-made shapes, patterns on animals, and more. Many participants mentioned Utah’s arches, the Egyptian pyramids, and various natural stone buildings (Ireland/the USA) as being favorites, and folks from all over the world shared their geometry-inspired travel photos.

Erick (@PathlessTravels) from the USA started us out with this stormy and beautiful image from the famous Chocolate Hills of the Philippines:

Adam Chapman (@adamscharm) from Ireland pointed out that perhaps the most unique shapes in nature belong to the African giraffe:

Dan Thompson (@danthompson_TN) of the USA showed us some unique shapes naturally occurring in Iceland’s glacial ice and crevices:

Tourlandish (@Tourlandish) of India had a unique interpretation of the word “shape” and submitted this holiday human pyramid formation in Mumbai. Don’t try this at home, kids:

Marisa Meisters (@WorldwideXplore) of the USA shared these mysterious yet perfectly formed fields found in Peru:

Though many folks have submitted photos of Chicago’s “The Bean,” this was the first one (from @Turtlestravel) that took on the shape of a Rorscach test:

And finally, Zulu Irminger (@ZuluTravels), who is in Canada at the moment, mesmerized us with this light and shape show from Vietnam:

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, October 7th’s geometry-themed #travelpics:

(3:00) Q1: Which country are you from, and where in your country can one find the most interesting shapes?
(3:10) Q2: Share a photo of a shape you found in nature: A spiderweb, sand dunes, a pattern on a butterfly…
(3:20) Q3: What are some of the most odd geometric shapes you’ve come across in your travels?
(3:30) Q4: Show us a travel photo of a man-made shape: A bridge, garden, building?
(3:40) Q5: What’s your dream trip: Curved rice terraces in China, blue ice stripes in Antarctica, Mayan temples, or…?
(3:50) Q6: Look at shapes in a new way–tweet a travel shot that’s abstract, unique, or unexpected.


This past Monday’s #travelpics on color was a wild ride, as we had a dedicated group of participants from Australia, Italy, India, Canada, Holland, Mexico, Scotland, South Africa, Isle of Man, Argentina, the UK, the USA, and more. With our color topic suggested by guest co-host @TrekSnappy, we launched into an hour of sharing colorful images from around our world.

Picking images for this edition of #travelpics was a challenge–there were too many great ones to count! For something a little different, here are some of my favorites by color:


[Red poppies in England by Atul M K (@pixodentist) of India:]

[Red architecture in Japan by Lunaguava (@Lunaguava) of Mexico:]


[Orange fruits in Egypt by Stephen Studd (@StephensPhotos) of the UK:

[An orange-robed Thai monk by Lisa (@inmyshoestravel) of Spain:]


[The burnt beige plains of Tanzania by Ayla (@MrsAylaAdvnture) of the UK:]

[A yellow scene from Cuba by Suzanne Courtney (@TheTravelBunny) of the UK:]


[A nearly symmetrical green field in the UK by Start Jackson (@StuJackz) of the UK:

[An inviting green pathway in the USA by J. Cyr (@Allophile) of the USA:]


[Blue sea meets blue clouds in Panama by Those Who Wander (@ThoseWW) of the USA:]

[The blue Atlantic in South Africa by Marisa Meisters (@WorldwideXplore) of the USA:]


[A vibrant wall, door, and woman photographed by @RonStern1 for @magellanstravel of the USA:


[A black-and-white emu by Tim White (@slowroaming) in Italy:


[Crowds at a fish market in India by co-host Poonam (@poonamparihar) of the USA:

[Natural colors in Portugal by Liz (@go_phetch) of the USA:]

A3: My trusty cam has vivid-mode to enhance the colours. #Travelpics

[Colorful Sydney by Girl Wander (@123_ALONS_Y) from Australia:]

Phew! That was a busy #travelpics indeed. I posted as many photos as I could, but if yours didn’t make it in this week, never fear: We’ll have an all-new fun subject next week, with many more chances to submit your favorite travel photos from around the globe. See you then!

[RECAP] Questions for our color-themed #travelpics on Monday, September 30th:

(3:05) Q1: If you had to pick a color to represent your country, what would you pick and why? (3:10) Q2: Do you connect certain colors with a country you’ve visited? Tweet a photo & explain what the color means to you. (3:20) Q3: What programs or in-camera settings do you use to help color pop? Vibrance? PP or LR? Instagram? Nothing? (3:30) Q4: Show a travel photo where 1 specific color encompasses nearly the whole shot.  (3:40) Q5: Now share a pic where 1 color is a tiny detail in the scene, but where that bit of color becomes the main focus. (3:50) Q6: Tweet a photo that explodes with color–a rainbow, a market, a crazy landscape…where is it?


It was all about architecture on Monday, September 23rd’s #travelpics chat. From forts in South America to outdoor statues in Asia, we talked about photographing architecture around the world and showed some truly interesting captures!

Stuart Jackson (@StuJackz) from the UK took this nighttime exposure in Brighton, not the Middle East!

J. Cyr (@Allophile) from the USA snapped this unique-looking adobe church in Taos, New Mexico. The sepia colors really make it mysterious!

Stephen Studd (@StephensPhotos) of the UK posted this happy photo of colorful shutters lining Singapore’s streets:

Lisa (@inmyshoestravel) from Spain got a fish-eye effect while shooting Bangkok’s Grand Palace: 

It ain’t easy to capture indoor magnificence, but #travelpics co-host Shane Dallas (@TheTravelCamel) from Dubai did with this snap from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi:

Girl Wander (@123_ALONS_Y) from Australia posted a sunset photo of her favorite (only?) Sydney Opera House (; above), while Kylie (@smileyky88) of the UK got a close-up of it (; below).

And finally, some of our #travelpics participants submitted very unique images from inside different buildings around the world. Check them out!

Susan (@VibrantIreland) from Ireland showed off these awesome indoor lights at the Kilkeny Arts Fest: 

Stuart Jackson (@StuJackz) shot inside a tomb in India for this shot:

And Dan Thompson (@danthompson_TN) from the USA took this B&W inside a building in Poland:

[RECAP] Questions for Monday’s architecture-themed #travelpics: (3:00) Q1: Where are you from, and what is the best place in your current country to see unique architecture? (3:10) Q2: Share an example of ancient, old-world, or historic architecture from your travels. (3:20) Q3: Throughout your travels, which area/country has been your favorite in terms of architecture and style? (3:30) Q4: Tweet a travel photo of yours that exemplifies modern or unique architecture. Are you a fan or not?  (3:40) Q5: What is your favorite way to capture architecture? Do you zoom in to details? Use a wide-angle? Snap at night? (3:50) Q6: Show us your favorite architectural capture, whether it’s abstract, traditional, or anything else!


On Monday, September 16th, our theme was flying things. We talked and shared travel photos of everything in the air, from birds to planes and balloons to insects. And speaking of flying, our hosts (from Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America) were joined by #travelpics participants from Guatemala, Ireland, Kenya, Australia, and many, many more countries. Several chatters said it was a tough subject, but everyone submitted fantastic photos. It was hard to choose favorites with this one!

Marisa Meisters (@WorldwideXplore) of the USA showed her photo of the painted-looking Lilac-Breasted Roller: 

Guest co-host Rory Alexander (@Rory_Alexander) of South Africa is most known for catching birds in flight (, but this plane-moon shot from the Oshkosh aviation event was too neat to pass up:

Chill Expeditions (@ChillExpedition) made everyone jealous with this stunning capture of a Costa Rican Glasswing butterfly. Don’ t let the name catch you by surprise.

Dan Bailey (@Danbaileyphoto) from the USA showed off a view of Alaska from his plane. Isn’t it mesmerizing?

Kanishka (@kp1200) from India took this rather confusing shot in Bali. Yes, it’s wild ‘n’ real:

Image preview

Angela Anderson (@angelatravels11) of the USA got one chance–and once chance only–to catch the STS-128 launch. It’s not an easy photo to capture! 

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, September 16th’s flying-themed #travelpics:

(3:05) Q1: Tell us about a unique moment involving something that flies. Where was it?  (3:10) Q2: Tweet a photo of a flying thing that’s found in nature. What countries are best for seeing these? (3:20) Q3: What is your dream up-in-the-air trek? A balloon safari? A flight to Mars? (3:30) Q4: Share a photo of a man-made flying thing…or, share a photo you took FROM a man-made flying thing. (3:40) Q5: What is your favorite kind of flying thing? What makes it special to photograph? (3:50) Q6: Share your best “flying thing” travel photo, be it a butterfly, a plane, or a BASE jumper! 


For Monday, September 9th’s #travelpics, the theme was portraits. As many of you know, portraits are a personally favorite of mine, so I was quite excited to see everyone’s when co-host Shane suggested doing it several months ago. We shared photos, from standard portraits to animal shots, abstract captures to environmental portraiture. Here are some of my favorites:

Co-host Poonam (@poonamparihar) from the USA sent in this incredible portrait taken in Ladakh, India. I missed it during the flurry of activity that is #travelpics, but simply had to include it in the recap:

NewChicagoGirl Photo (@NewChicagoGirl) showed us this oh-so-colorful shot of an artisan at a Guatemalan market:

An animal portrait–and why not? Rory Alexander (@Rory_Alexander) from South Africa captured this fantastically detailed shot. The longer you stare, the more it looks like a small dinosaur:

Kristance Harlow (@diggingtoroam) in Argentina captured pure joy on the faces of these Tibetan kids:

This great portrait is colored and capture in quite an artistic way. My thanks to Dan Thompson (@danthompson_TN) of the U.S.A. for giving us a glimpse into his world!

And finally, Lisa (@inmyshoestravel) from Spain showed off her very close-in portrait of this Thai tiger. Don’t do this at home, kids:

Several participants commented that taking spontaneous photos results in better images, but nearly everyone agreed that the subject should be asked first. Respect is what it’s all about. #travelpics participants also enjoyed 50mm up to 100mm primes for portraits, though a few used kit lenses or standard zooms to capture their portraits.

[RECAP] Questions for Monday, September 9th’s portrait-themed #travelpics:

– (3:05) Q1: To catch amazing travel portraits, what country would you like to travel to (name a place you’ve never visited!)?
– (3:10) Q2: Portraits of kids can be funny, poignant, and everything in between. Tweet your favorite portrait of a young subject!
– (3:20) Q3: What lenses and settings are your favorites when taking travel portraits? Any special editing tips? 
– (3:30) Q4: Travel portraits aren’t always the standard colorful, smiling shot. Show off a different kind of portrait (abstract, animal, B&W).
– (3:40) Q5: Tips & tricks: What would you recommend to anyone taking travel portraits of strangers? Share your tips for gaining trust, shooting, & more. 
– (3:50) Q6: Show us an amazing environmental portrait–aka of someone in his/her natural environment (office, farm, kitchen).   


On Monday, September 2nd’s #travelpics, it was all about cities. From the smallest to the biggest, the surprising to the quaint, we showed off travel photos from cities around the world. Participating in the chat were folks from Indonesia, Greece, the USA, and everywhere in between. Here are some of the most fascinating ones!

Marti D (@thewrabbithole) from Canada used her tilt-shift lens in Reykjavik to capture the quaint, colorful homes of Iceland’s capital:

Mors (@mors1) captured this stunning and moody old world/new world photo while in Zaragoza, Spain:

Darren McLoughlin (@travelimages) from Ireland captured the light paths from Mont St. Michel in France at twilight:

Guest co-host Stephen (@StephensPhotos) from the UK posted this ant’s perspective of Shanghai:

The US-based Charles from McCool Travel (@CharlesMcCool) scored a record number of retweets (12 at last count) for this entertaining gum wall in Seattle. Yep, that’s real gum there:

An optical illusion? No, that’s just Stuart Jackson (@StuJackz) of the UK turning the blue wall and sky surrounding the Selfridges building in Birmingham a crimson red:

Geeky Explorers (@GeekyExplorers), a husband-and-wife team from the USA, shot the Seattle skyline–through a piece of art!

And finally, co-host Shane Dallas (@TheTravelCamel) of the United Arab Emirates posted a favorite of mine from Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital. Note the LG & Coca-Cola signs on top of the buildings. Not what you thought Kazakhstan would look like, eh?

And finally, some great answers to the day’s questions:

Q1: What is your favorite city to photograph? Why?

MBybee ‏@mbybee @AntiTourist I’ll photograph any city. It’s an excuse to visit one, and there’s always something, either beauty or ugliness. #travelpics

Q3: Tell us your favorite thing to photograph in cities, whether it’s the architecture, people, food, or more.

LoopTravelMedia ‏@InTheLoopTravel A3: My fave thing is to photo people in natural everyday settings. Love the emotion in faces. #travelpics

 Q5: What photography techniques do you use to make your city photos stand out? B&W, angles, night shots…?

ThinkPlaces ‏@Think_Places A5: I like to find unique angles. And I also focus on little details sometimes rather than the whole big picture of a city. #travelpics

RECAP: Questions for our cities-themed #travelpics on Monday, September 2nd:

3:05 Q1: What is your favorite city to photograph? Why? 3:10 Q2: Show off your best skyline, rooftop, or bird’s-eye view of a city you love. 3:20 Q3: Tell us your favorite thing to photograph in cities, whether it’s the architecture, people, food, or more. 3:30 Q4: Many cities have neighborhoods that are unique, quaint, or just plain wild. Tweet a photo that might surprise us! 3:40 Q5: What photography techniques do you use to make your city photos stand out? B&W, angles, night shots…? 3:50 Q6: Tweet your best travel shot that really captures the mood and essence of a city you’ve visited.


For last week’s transportation-themed #travelpics, we welcomed participants old and new from Qatar to Canada! Our talented travel photographers shared photos of camels, rickshaws, kayaks, and more from everywhere around the world. Here are some favorites:

Co-host @Sihpromatum of Canada/Holland captured this green scene during train travel in Sri Lanka. I’m pretty sure everyone wants to be here right now!

Danielle Fenton (@TrekSnappy) from the UK took this night shot of motorcycles weaving in and out of Hanoi, Vietnam’s crowded streets:

This aerial shot of the Maldives–from a seaplane–made us want to get right into the water. Stunning! From the Tzell Travel Group (@TzellTravel):

Marisa (@WorldwideXplore) from the USA showed us these extremely unique reed boats made in Peru. Ever seen them?

Co-host Shane (@TheTravelCamel) in the United Arab Emirates caught these balloons over Myanmar’s Bagan temples. Gorgeous!

We were talking about unique transportation, so the UK’s Stuart Jackson (@StuJackz) photographed these Scandinavian sledders going full-speed down this hill:

Roma (@RoamingRequired) sent in her smooth capture of transportation traces in London:

Here were some of the most amusing answers to this week’s #travelpics questions as well:

Q1: In which country did you find transportation to be the craziest? Why?

Adam Chapman ‏@adamscharm  A1: Mopeds in Thailand! 2 Adults, 3 children and a guy holding a plasma screen on one moped…. no problem. #travelpics

Q3: What’s your best transportation story involving a long trip (and not just an elephant ride)?

Stephen Studd ‏@StephensPhotos Q3 curling up inside a truck tyre in the back of a lorry on overnight journey in Madagascar- only place to sleep #travelpics

Q5: What’s a type of transportation that you’ve only dreamed of using? Where would it be?

Kanishka ‏@kp1200 A5 I am such a kid when it comes to thinking of dream transportation. All I can think of is time machine, flying carpet n more. #travelpics

Rory Alexander (@Rory_Alexander) of South Africa posted this dashboard POV video showing his commute in [a rather nice section of] China. Would you do it?

RECAP: Questions for our transportation-themed #travelpics – Monday, August 26th:

Q1: In which country did you find transportation to be the craziest? Why? Q2: Tweet a photo that shows off the constant motion and chaos of transportation in other countries. Q3: What’s your best transportation story involving a long trip (and not just an elephant ride)? Q4: Transportation can sometimes be slow and tranquil. Share a photo of a beautiful travel scene. Q5: What’s a type of transportation that you’ve only dreamed of using? Where would it be? Q6: Tweet a shot taken FROM an interesting mode of transportation: Helicopter, camel trek, hot air balloon safari…?

Each week I’ll be hosting from @AntiTourist, and you’ll see tweets from co-hosts @AVacationADay, @poonamparihar, @Sihpromatum, and @TheTravelCamel. You’ll also see tweets from our very own question & reminder account, @travelpicsCHAT. We all look forward to it!

Email with any questions or suggestions, or tweet ideas to her @AntiTourist.


It is with extreme sadness that I must tell you of the passing of dear #travelpics co-host @wheretogoAM. Anita was a warm, friendly, and helpful person with an insatiable appetite for traveling, biking, kayaking, and more. She helped me start #travelpics when it was just an idea that I posted online, and was there with me to help plan it from the ground up. After co-hosting nearly every chat since the beginning–as well as being there as a friend–she will be sorely missed. I couldn’t have done this without her, and cannot believe she is gone. Please say a prayer for her and her family, and let us remember her lovely words, travel photos, and memories.


Rivers, reflections, and waterfalls, oh my! For our #travelpics chat on Monday, August 19th, the theme was “waterscapes,” as suggested by longtime participant and professional photographer @StephensPhotos. We had quite the international crew, with participants tweeting in from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Italy, Holland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland the USA, Canada, India, the UAE, Malaysia, and South Africa. Not too shabby, eh?

Travelling Slacker (@Travellingslack) from India sent in this shot from Kerala’s backwaters:

nomadbiba (@nomadbiba) of Peru sent us this waterscape from Ojos del Salar, Chile. Do you know which was is up?

Chill Expeditions (@ChillExpedition) caught the impossibly bright colors of the sunset reflecting off the ebbing tide on Costa Rica’s west coast:

S.K. (@trainerlicious) from India titled this shot “A Lost Story.” She took it on Elephant Beach in the Andamans. The colors look like those in Yellowstone, no?

Christie VH (@ChristieVH) from the USA got creative with this photo shoot involving, well, a lot of water: Here’s the “after” shot:

Liz (@go_phetch) snapped this dizzying shot while looking down into Oregon’s Crater Lake. The water certainly does look like the sky!

There were so many interesting waterscapes photos that I couldn’t fit them all above. Here are a few more!

Adam Chapman (@adamscharm) from Northern Ireland caught this moody shot at Cape Point, South Africa: #travelpics

Savannah Grace (@Sihpromatum) from Holland/Canada caught some incredibly blue-green waters from Kyrgyzstan:

Noel Morata (@emorata) from the USA snapped this peaceful scene on Japan’s Daiya river:

Stuart Jackson (@StuJackz) from the UK photographed this colorful boat scene in Cape Verde, Africa:

Samuel Webster (@wiredjazz) took this poignant photo in Italy for @WalksofItaly:

AVacationADay (@AVacationADay) from the USA showed off this creative reflection in a water droplet:

Paradise by Marriott (@MarriottResorts) showed off this “rainbow’s end” stunner from the island of St. Kitts:

And finally, @food_photo_rtw caught this unique and craggy seascape in Ponta da Piedade, Portugal:

(RECAP) Questions for Monday, August 19th’s #travelpics on “waterscapes” (3:06) Q1: What comes to mind when thinking of “waterscapes”?  (3:10) Q2: Whether a lake, a waterfall, or an oasis, tweet us your favorite water-based landscape! (3:20) Q3: When thinking of travel, where in the world would you most like to photograph a waterscape? (3:30) Q4: Waterscapes can be photographed & interpreted in many ways. Show your own creative take! (3:40) Q5: What is the most bizarre water landscape you’ve seen? (3:50) Q6: Great travel photos tell stories. Tweet a waterscape & tell us the story behind it. 

Join us Monday, August 26th, for a fun new #travelpics chat/share. Can’t wait to see more of your stunning travel photos from around the world!


Last week’s theme was ruins, and the #travelpics crew did not disappoint! We had participants tweet in from South America, North America, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia–just to name a few! Guest co-hosts @lilyriani from Malaysia (who suggested the topic of ruins) and traveler/photographer @thetravelcamel helped keep our travel-crazed tweeters under control. Here are some of the best shots taken (with questions posted below) at ruins–both widely known and little-known–throughout the world. Thank you to everyone for creative answers, beautiful photos, and for giving us a new list of places we all want to visit.

Rachel Davis (@vagabondbaker) from the UK showed us her photo from Angkor’s Preah Khan in Cambodia. Angkor Wat is one of the most recognized ruins in the world, and this photo of doorway after doorway makes us wonder what lies beyond:

Stuart Jackson (@StuJackz) from the UK showed us an interesting shipwreck photo from Cape Verde, Africa. How ominous!

Travel Opulent Box (@travelopulent) from South Africa posted this sunny-yet-eerie photo of ruins from Hitler’s headquarters, the Wolf’s Lair (Poland):

Co-host Anita Mac (@wheretogoAM) of Canada shot a photo from inside some ruins to achieve this lovely shot of Antigua. Who wouldn’t like to be there right now?

Travelling Slacker (@Travellingslack) from India captured light pouring through the windows of Jodhupur’s old Mehrangarh Fort:

Along with Angkor Wat, Macchu Picchu was the most talked-about ruin during our #travelpics chat. Christie VH (@ChristieVH) woke up to capture the mist hanging over the famous ruins:

And finally, we end with the Indonesian ruins of Borobudur. Shane Dallas (@TheTravelCamel), who is currently living in Abu Dhabi, captured this stunning image of the sun rising over Mt. Merapi. Amazing!

(RECAP) Questions for Monday, August 12th’s #travelpics on ruins:

(3:06) Q1: Where are your favorite ruins you’ve ever visited on your travels? Any photos?

(3:10) Q2: How do you best photograph ruins? Any techniques for shooting, editing, or timing your shots?

(3:20) Q3: Famous ruins are photographed millions of times a year. Show your unique perspective of a popular spot. (3:30) Q4: Certain ruins are hidden, underwater, illegal to enter, or hard to reach. Tell us your best tale of exploration! (3:40) Q5: Which ruins/historical spots have you not yet visited but want to see soon? Where are they? (3:50) Q6: Photographing ruins is all about catching the right mood. Tweet a magical, haunted, or unique photo of ruins.

– – –
Join us Monday, August 19th, for an all-new #travelpics. Perhaps you’ll see your own photos featured here soon! Thank you to everyone for participating and inspiring others with your gorgeous images.
Monday, August 5th’s #travelpics recap: Sunrise & sunset

August 5th’s #travelpics theme was sunrise & sunset. We had hundreds of tweets and saw each other’s incredible sunrises and sunsets sent in from the Himalayas to Hawaii. It was hard to pick the most amazing ones, but here are our favorites!

Cosmic Smudge (@cosmicsmudge) from Washington, D.C. showed off some light HDR to capture this surreal Brooklyn sunset:

Stuart Jackson (@StuJackz) from the UK shared this Santorini sunset he shot from a boat:

Atul M K (@pixodentist) gave us this serene swan-on-a-pond sunset image to share:

Victor Vic (@victreks) just had to show off this stunning sunset from Joshua Tree National Park, California:

S.K. (@trainerlicious) from India showed the deep colors of an Andaman sunset:

  Stephen Studd (@StephensPhotos) never fails to disappoint, and with this sunrise capture, we were transported to magical Myanmar:
(RECAP) Questions for August 5th’s sunrise & sunset #travelpics:
What do you enjoy most about sunrises & sunsets? The colors, the time of day, capturing the moment…? Show off your best sunrise photo from your travels. What made it worth waking up? Where in the world was your most memorable sunrise/sunset? Where would you most like to see one? It’s all about the moment: Show a sunrise/sunset that also shows off a special person, place, or view. What is your favorite part about photographing so early in the morning or in the evening? Tweet your most amazing & exotic sunset photo from your travels. Where was it? SIDE NOTE: Frequent #travelpics participant Suzanne (@philatravelgirl) created a sunset & sunrise post inspired by #travelpics. You can see photos at I’m always happy to hear from people who love #travelpics, and especially honored to have inspired her post!
Monday, July 29th’s #travelpics recap: Journeys
Last week’s theme was journeys. #travelpics drew in participants this week from the UK, Holland, the USA, Ireland, Morocco, Canada, India, Scotland, Malaysia, Germany, Costa Rica, and more. Not a bad way to start off our 1-hour online trip! Here were some of the best photos of the day from our talk on huge treks, long world travels, and different times.

Jennifer Karim (@WLTravelerJen) started us off on a beautiful note with this capture of hers from Andalusia’s Sierra de Grazalema national Park: @AntiTourist A3. The longest journey I took was a 16hrs train ride in #Myanmar and it landed me here. #travelpics Globetrotter Ramadan (@lilyriani) took a long train journey to end up with stunning sunset captures like this shot from Myanmar:

When Ashish Sharma (@ashish0712) from India traveled south of his home turf, he was stunned to find the greenery of this Maharashtra vista:  Ayla (@xMrsAylax) couldn’t forget the orange sand dunes from her journey to Namibia ( Kristance Harlow (@diggingtoroam) was fascinated with this view of India’s Himalayas: 

And last but not least, Christie VH (@ChristieVH) dug up a photo from her time in South Africa with the Peace Corps. She captured this Zulu cultural dance in South Africa:
(RECAP) Questions for Monday, July29th’s journeys-themed #travelpics:How do you define a journey? How do you usually capture your experiences?True journeys often lead us off the grid and to places we never knew existed. Share your best view–where was it?What was the longest journey you ever took, and where did it lead you?Show us the best travel portrait that sums up a memorable journey of yours. Have you ever used unique techniques-photos over time, or long exposures-to capture your journey?Journeys are often full of the unexpected. Tweet a travel photo that surprised or shocked you!
Monday, July 22nd’s #travelpics recap: Summer
Recap: Last week we discussed summer in travel photography. Dozens of #travelpics participants tweeted in their favorite summer-themed shots for the chat/share. Here are a few of the best:

Anti Siladja (@Antimbon) offered a stunningly blue photo from Maluku, Indonesia: Morata (@emorata) sent us this Hawaiian waterfall set among unique summer colors:  Of course, then Chill Expeditions (@ChillExpedition) decided to make us jealous by showing off this photo of cliff diving in a huge waterfall:  Stephen Studd (@StephensPhotos) showed several summer stunners, including this lake sunset:  And Globe Guide (@Globe_Guide) tweeted this lovely spot from the Maldives: A6: More. Somewht easier to get outdoors. #travelpics  Girl Wander (@123_ALLONS_Y) finished off the summer-turned-water-themed chat with this boat sunset:

(RECAP) Questions for Monday, July 22nd’s summer-themed #travelpics:

What is your favorite part about summertime travel photography?

Show us a favorite travel photo that alludes to summer fun. Where is it?

Are there any unique destinations you enjoy during the summer months? What & where?

Summer is just so hot. Tweet a travel photo that will cool us down!

Warm summer days bring out the wildlife. What are some amazing creatures you’ve seen? Any photos?

Do you take travel photos more or less during summer? Show us your best underwater, outdoor, or experimental summer shot.




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