Eerie Buildings Around the World

Eerie buildings surround us: Whether a decrepit barn down the road or the Angkor Wat complexes, many of these eerie building host history, hauntings, and great photographic opportunities. No matter where I am, these haunted-looking buildings capture the imagination of many–including, shockingly, me. I find old graveyards intriguing, but old buildings hide much more–they hide stories. Who cares about the fact that most of said stories are untrue? The tales of vindictive ghosts and unlikely accidents make these landmarks all the better. Take this local home (above) near where I grew up in New York. No one has lived in it for years. Why? Perhaps because, upon a bit of newspaper research, it turns out that a woman’s body was found there. No one knows exactly how she ended up there or what happened. Mysterious indeed…

Not all haunted places need be shot in black and white. Color can be just as haunting if the ambient light/backstory/ambiance is right. This rock temple in remote Nepal (no vehicles can get anywhere near–one must hike for hours to reach it) is an old Tibetan temple built right under a rock. The sun was setting right as I got there, and inside the temple was…well, part of a huge rock. The decaying wooden interior and religious carvings led to a decidedly eerie ambiance.

Below is the extremely eerie (and now closed to the public) Minister’s Treehouse in Tennessee. I took several photos in B&W at dusk, stitched parts of them together, and ended up with a very haunting image of the world’s largest treehouse. There’s a pulpit inside, multiple hidden rooms and floors, rooms without walls four stories high, and more.

This little church in Malta was adorable yet eerie. I visited it several times and never saw a soul there. Just 50 feet away are cliff walls and a monument to a boy who died falling off them. Creepy?

The haunted mansion of Millbrook, New York. Previously a women’s college (Bennett College) until the 70s, when financial situations caused the institution to close down. Rumors of a fire, ghosts, and hauntings surround this private property to this day.

Below, enjoy a few more of my photos of eerie photos from around the world. Go get exploring yourself, and see what mysteries you can unearth! Try using different in-camera settings, visiting in the early morning or evening for great light, or experimentation with angles before going crazy in post.


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