Capture the Colour 2013


Yellow – I took a train trip one weekend to visit with one of my college student’s hometown in central India. I ate with his family, attended local celebrations with him, and met his neighbors. This colorful elderly woman in particular caught my eye–partly because of her spectacles, and partly because of her personality. Known as a bit of a troublemaker, she would be laughing hysterically one moment and then become quite serious the next. The adorable thick-framed glasses may disguise her eyes, but her facial expression says it all.


Green – While living in a small, remote Thai village, I would try to explore other nearby towns whenever the monsoon rains took a pause. After a 2-hour walk one day, I rounded a bend and came upon this jaw-droppingly green scene. The beauty was overwhelming, and knowing no foreigner had ever been there didn’t hurt, either.



White – Who says one must travel abroad to see incredible views? I captured this photo of an amazing natural cloud arc in California, where I road tripped up the coast with a friend. It was my first time in 20 years that I was able to experience–and truly appreciate–the state in which I was born. The bizarre weather around the central coast would sweep rain and fog in within 60 seconds, quickly storm, and then reveal the sun just 10 minutes later. One minute after I took this shot, the heavens opened up.



Blue – During my weekends off from work in Malta as a scuba diving travel journalist, I would often be found hiking. After hitchhiking to a local beach, a pal and I hiked, swam, and explored the unique gravel cliffs and sandstone caves on the island country’s northwest point. The unique orange sand rims that led into azure blue waters was absolutely stunning (yes, these are the actual colors), and this incredible view from the top of the cliffs remains one of my favorites.


Red – I visited a Tibetan settlement called Mundgod and was enchanted by the bright colors, intense silence, and unique way of life in these refugee establishments. While in the largest meditation room, I caught this monk preparing for the next ceremony. The tiniest footsteps would echo in this red-adorned temple room, so I only took a few photos. And yes, that IS a cardboard cutout of the Dalai Lama in the background.


No, it’s not that I forgot the colors of the rainbow–nor did I suddenly turn British on you. The reason for this different post is because it’s an entry into a color-based photography contest I was invited to enter through my pal Danielle Fenton of

The point of the contest? To post one photo each based on the colors white, red, yellow, green, and blue. I tried to choose some of my more unique photos that really show off a country or way of life rather than just posting a beautiful sunrise or butterfly. Though I don’t normally create blog posts that are contest entries, I thought this sounded like a fun way to show off color in travel. Did I mention that entries are judged by a panel of five leading travel and photography professionals? Or that the winner receives a 3,000-pound prize? No, I mean British pounds (£), not an adolescent elephant.

Since the contest, run by Travel Supermarket, is by nomination only, I must nominate five other talented travel photographers. Here goes!

Anti Siladja of Indonesia

Poonam Parihar of the USA

Rory Alexander of South Africa

Margie Miklas of the USA

Lily Riani of Malaysia

Good luck to everyone, and above all–enjoy the colorful travel photography!


5 thoughts on “Capture the Colour 2013

  1. I love your choices, beautiful captures – I’m totally drawn to red!

    Come and link up with us today for Travel Photo Mondays, the link runs all week so I hope you can join us for the next installment?

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