Photos of India in the Winter. (90 Degrees and Counting…)


COBRA! In our backyard at work, this poisonous fellow made an appearance. I was pretty thrilled. 


Kids eating popsicles on Christmas day. Yeah, really cold.


Hibiscus sunset.


Things really look like this here.



Some of my awesome students at our conference.


Winter by Hubli, India. It’s sort of like the North Pole advertising for a tennis and soccer camp.


14 thoughts on “Photos of India in the Winter. (90 Degrees and Counting…)

  1. (1) Naturally today was the first day I didn’t have my camera in, so I had to borrow the work one. No zoom–I was that close. Don’t tell my mom. Thanks.

  2. (1) OMG!!! See this is why I like Hawaii and Ireland. No snakes!! I’m happy your bucket list wishes are being fulfilled, but DAMN!!

  3. (1) …and you scoffed at me when I suggested that you pack your cobra fife. At least those skills you developed during those summers at snake-worship youth camp finally found a practical real-life application.

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