PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 8


Taken in central Vietnam.

Photo captions below, by number:

(1) A farmer in the rice fields. Those are caskets buried in the fields. The Vietnamese believe that one’s body belongs in the fields one worked, so they bury their dead right there.

(2) A beautiful part of the countryside.

(3) A more realistic view of the countryside.

(4) A girl and her dog.

(5) I never thought Vietnam would look like this.

(6) Such a unique landscape! You had to be there with the storm rolling in and the waves crashing further up the coast.

(7) I hereby title this one, “Man with Water Buffalo.” Not original, I know, but I love the water buffalo’s expression.

(8) I don’t think the buildings were made for people my size…

(9) This was a hidden village I biked past. It appeared out of nowhere in the valley. It seriously reminds me of Capri, Italy.

(10) It was a weird day, but I didn’t complain. I ended up getting a private bike tour…

(11) …but then my guide (on a moto, not a bike), whizzed way ahead and I was all alone. Awesome.

(12) This was what I biked around.

(13) I was looking up beautiful places and found this place, but once I decided to go I found out it was a big tourism spot. I went anyway, and was actually pretty happy. Even due to the fact that I had to jump on the back of a random businessman’s moto and ride for 30 minutes to catch up with the bus that forgot me.

(14) Coming out of the first grotto on the boat trip.

(15) Catching dinner.

(16) Little Boater, Big Cliff.

(17) If these faces don’t say, “We’re having the time of our lives!” then I’m afraid I just don’t know how else their joy could be expressed.

(18) The end of the boat ride. Rather than letting everyone out in the middle of the brush/mountains, they turn back and harass you so you’ll buy the food and table runners they’re selling. Because when I’m out in scenery like this, all I can think of is what I’ll serve the guests dinner on when I get back home.

(19) I just clicked to highlight a bit of the already black-and-white photo, and it came out looking like a bunch of cartoon cowboys rowing towards a completely different Asian picture. I like it though!

(20) A husband and wife catching a meal.


16 thoughts on “PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 8

  1. (5) I’m terribly jealous that you were able to get this deep into asia. Damn you asia for making me sick just as I arrived.

  2. (5) Hey, I got sick as I was trying to leave if that makes you feel any better. And in between, actually. Just gotta roll with the punches, as I’m sure you are.

  3. (15) I totally thought of you with this one. I didn’t even see I had taken it until I found it today and thought, hmm..Sarah will get this one!

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