PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 9


Photos taken in Hanoi, Halong Bay, Vietnam, and Alaska, USA

Photo captions below, by number:

(1) A fruit peddler of the portable nature.

(2) The view after emerging from a couple of very large caves.

(3) Boating off into the sunset.

(4) Dusk.

(5) Not a bad sight to wake up to.

(6) Traffic in Hanoi. And you thought Jersey drivers were bad…

(7) Maybe this is why I now crave fresh vegetables.

(8) “The Smoking Minister” … actually, he’s not a minister at all, but that’s my title for this photo, and I’m sticking with it.

(9) What the eep is this, you ask? G???c. What is that? A cucumber-related fruit. I have no idea what it tastes like. Never got the chance. Next time?

(10) Inside a giant cave…terrible photo, but you can see the scale by identifying tiny people at the bottom of the light hole. No, they’re not midgets.

(11) Now THAT is a real houseboat.

(12) My friend G-dogg pointed out that my hair happens to follow the curves of the mountain in back. I didn’t even notice until she told me!

(13) Regulations have asked that I not post the actual photo. Available upon private request.

(14) I’m on the plane going home…no more rice! But wait, you haven’t yet seen the riceburger. Asia’s version of the KFC Double Down. The rice IS the bun. As for the inside, I’ll let your imagination run wild.

(15) Hmmm….do I want reindeer over noodles or in a bun? Decisions, decisions. Nothing like a li’l local food in Alaska!

(16) Sunrise over Alaska.

(17) I flew over a blue glacier and then saw this beautiful site on the way home.


11 thoughts on “PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 9

    • Matt, I’m ashamed to say that I live in the city that hosts the State Fair of Texas, where the food poavliin competes to see what deep-fried food will make the news this year. Besides the obvious deep-fried Snickers bars, deep-fried alligator tail, deep-fried turkey, and deep-fried sweet potato pie, this is the venue that brought us deep-fried Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper (and I’m not kidding in the slightest). I’m waiting for deep-fried cotton candy and blueberries this October, as my heart pre-emptively clogs up and shuts down.Seriously, you should come down here and experience this surreal nightmare and fantasy world for yourself. Heck, we might even find you some deep-fried scorpion tea.

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