PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 7


Taken in Can Tho, Cu Chi, and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Photo captions below, by number:

(1) If you know what any of these mean, I’ll give you a prize.

(2) Breakfast. The first of many, many boat pictures. It’s about 5:30AM at this point.

(3) Get used to the hotpants. You’re going to see a lot of them.

(4) A typical boater.

(5) Life living on a boat.

(6) Woman vs. boat. I think she’s going to lose. And it’s going to hurt.

(7) Sunrise.

(8) In the middle of a floating market with no tourists around. Glorious.

(9) A young fruit seller.

(10) It almost looks like they posed.

(11) My boater gave me a snake. Not to keep.

(12) A guy just relaxing in his boat. I used sepia because I was bored.

(13) How to get to school.


(15) Yum. Also, costs less than your coffee.


(17) I’m a millionaire!

(18) 1,000,000 Vietnamese Dong is not much money.

(19) One of the Cu Chi tunnels. See the foot to the left for a size reference. Three different grown men were able to fit into it. I was not.

(20) A drink from the streets of Ho Chi Minh.

(21) My boater made this out of a palm frond.




16 thoughts on “PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 7

  1. (1) clearly, the black hexagon means bazooka’s allowed, but snow mobiling is forbidden. and there are also no clockwise turns allowed, or street racing (the square sign with 2 parallel arrows representing dueling cars). and finally, ufo sighting’s are 500 meters to the right! damn. now what do these really mean???

  2. (18) What, were you auditioning for a Vietnamese rap video? I know times are hard, but…I’m not sure that’s a good look for you.

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