Sedona, Baby

Well, my big news for November is that December news is coming soon! I’m pretty excited for the end of the year. No, I won’t be photographing the New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball Drop this year, because I have other plans up my sleeve. In fact, where I’ll be this year on NYE will be quite the opposite of where I was last year. That said, I had a lovely November, full of food, fun, and fotography. Just go with it.

A trip to California turned into a trip to Sedona, Arizona, with a great friend of mine. We crammed so much into a few days that it seemed we were there for weeks! More details to never come soon…



Florida, Innovation, Weddings, and Mucho Work

September and October are the busiest months of the year for me, all because every wedding and conference seems to take place in those two months. Still, I was lucky/crazy enough to take a few days off post-work to have some fun towards the end of the month. After being flown down to shoot my innovation boss’s wedding (I’ve worked for a creative innovation consultancy firm for nearly 10 years) in Florida, and surviving their 4 parties, I photographed the following (in addition to about 5 other weddings):

A cormorant all candy-caned up


A plane my friend and I brought down (no, it’s an old plane that the owner is turning into a mini theater…no joke)


Fun at the wedding with a hula hooper!

Work will finally slow down and I’ll have time to write some actually funny, fun posts here! Just kidding–I’ll shirk my responsibilities and avoid posting anything here as usual. There’s too much to do! Cheerio–

A California [Mostly Work] Adventure

Why do I even bother writing these, you ask? Because one day I still have the hope that I’ll have time to write one of my real humor posts down on here. Until then, I’m in California working and having some hiking and food adventures. Heavy on the food part.

Hiking in the greater Bay Area with my friend Steve

A microgrid compenent with solar car charging

Photographing the REBA conference with keynote speaker Urse Holze

Photographing GreenBiz’s VERGE conference with Joel Makower (right) and Van Jones (left)

An entrant, Jonathan, during the live Verge Accelerator competition


Greetings from Romania, all! I’m here on a press trip with Sano Touring, an NGO-directed tourism company that leads wheelchair-accessible tours throughout the country. From the north to Transylvania and Bucharest, Sano Touring focuses on sites with ramps, lifts (or elevators, as us non-Europeans call it), or flat, paved paths. It all started with a road trip from the UK with my friend Anthony…and, well, as soon as some blog posts are out I’ll share some. In the meantime, here’s what Romania looks like!