August = Excitement!

I’m about to get more news for a later post, but I believe August is going to be quite exciting! A press trip abroad is in the works, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I’ve actually started editing photos from Myanmar. Here’s one!


Life in Hawaii, part…3?

Why do I still bother with writing a monthly post at all, you ask? It’s because I have dozens of notes just waiting to be written into real travel stories, and I hope that one day I’ll actually write a decent post. “But the posts you wrote before weren’t decent either, Coop.” Well, thanks for telling me. I appreciate the boost.

In other news, working and traveling around Hawaii again was indeed awesome.

Nothing on Myanmar…Yet

I’m terrible, I know. I wrote a whole post on Myanmar in my notebook, and then the end of April (read: busy season with photography) started. Maybe one day I’ll recap my time in ‘Nam, and then in 2100 I can start on Myanmar. Until then…I’m sorry I’m the worst blogger ever.

That’s me on top of a temple in Bagan, sunrise.

The Tattooed Women of Myanmar’s Chin Tribes

I’m excited to announce that my new travel photography project is out! Called “Tattooed Women of Myanmar,” it showcases portraits of ethnic minority women with facial tattoos.

Though these women are now elderly, they were just teens when it was decided that face tattoos would enhance their worth. A week of intense pain and a lifetime with these markings made these few women immensely beautiful, and thus easily married off. While in Myanmar I was able to work on a project with several members of a remote tribe. In fact, I was the first person ever to photograph some of the women in remote and off-limits areas of southern Chin State.

I’m posting a few photos here, but you’ll get a better sense of the project’s scope by seeing it in its entirety.

To view the project, visit