Florida, Innovation, Weddings, and Mucho Work

September and October are the busiest months of the year for me, all because every wedding and conference seems to take place in those two months. Still, I was lucky/crazy enough to take a few days off post-work to have some fun towards the end of the month. After being flown down to shoot my innovation boss’s wedding (I’ve worked for a creative innovation consultancy firm for nearly 10 years) in Florida, and surviving their 4 parties, I photographed the following (in addition to about 5 other weddings):

A cormorant all candy-caned up


A plane my friend and I brought down (no, it’s an old plane that the owner is turning into a mini theater…no joke)


Fun at the wedding with a hula hooper!

Work will finally slow down and I’ll have time to write some actually funny, fun posts here! Just kidding–I’ll shirk my responsibilities and avoid posting anything here as usual. There’s too much to do! Cheerio–


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