I’m an American freelance travel journalist, copywriter, photographer, innovator, restaurant reviewer, nonprofit worker, occasional videographer, television consultant, and outdoor adventurer. Currently residing and working as a photographer in Hawaii (Big Island), I’m NYC based and enjoy working as a freelance writer and innovator as well. My favorite experiences are always those that aren’t listed in guidebooks, so I refuse to take them when I travel. That’s right–I’m anti-Lonely Planet. I also don’t go to a country to cross it off a list, or to brag about all the sites I saw and museums I visited. For me, travel is about going slowly and experiencing a place for what it is–whether that’s living with “regular” townspeople, planting crops with farmers, or living without electricity to understand the daily struggles of everyday people–and really getting to know a country outside of its famous cities and tourist places. In fact, I’d say I live to experience what most Westerners might find too boring, or too weird, or not “fun.”

I enjoy adventure travel (nearly always solo), local and international exploration, sarcasm, outdoor recreation, travel photography, storytelling, and a whole lot more! From hiking and cliff jumping to scuba diving and rice farming, I love trying out new activities and sharing experiences with others around the world. I love to discuss discoveries with all, so if you have a place to recommend, want to ask me about where I’ve been, or just want to say hello, then please contact me at Kathryn@AntiTouristTraveler.com or @AntiTourist. And try not to get offended by reading my sarcastic musings written on these pages. Try.

You can also view my photography portfolio at www.KathrynCooperPhotography.com. Many of the featured photos are from my most memorable journeys abroad.

Below are a few photos of me (contrary to popular belief, I am a real person, not a zombie) and a few of my favorite photos from abroad. Thanks so much for reading. Now go have an adventure!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a really beautiful way to experience the world. I hope you found Muang Ngoi in Laos while on your Southeast Asia adventure – that was certainly one of my highlight off-the-beaten path destinations. The most humbling places are the ones that haven’t yet been overwhelmed with tourism so a traveler feels the authentic culture of a country.

  2. i love your approach to traveling. it’s through the lens of enthusiasm for the small things that you really get to “see the world,” and not just over-emphasized, curated parts of it. 🙂

  3. Very smart, thoughtful way to interact with the real people. it. would be great add some local think about American may add bit flavor in your blog.. One more Point i would not use the word” Daily struggle” instead of their daily chorus or Life responsibility. please see east with eastern Eyes not western eyes. “life is suffering whether you are in the east or the west.. congratulation for very innovative way to explore the World..

    • Fiiine bøker, som jeg elsker, og sÃ¥ nydelige loppis funn! Heldige du!For en dag! Sol, sol og atter sol ♥Deilige vÃ¥ren er her, ees˜nelig!Ãdneker deg en fin ukestart kjære du! ♥ klem

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