A Video, Some Food Photography, and a Story About Cockroac…Nevermind.

What do you want to hear about first: My 1 1/2-hour wait to be brought to the MRI, my 5-hour wait in the office FOR the MRI, or my restaurant lunch featuring roaches in the glass display case? Forunately (or unfortunately, if you go for tales of woe), I won’t make you sit through any of those.

Instead, I’d like to share two quick things.

First, several of the photos I took for the Food Network on set last year are up on their website, and on tv as well! Looking at these really makes me miss the food I got to eat all day on set…man was that some tasty grub! Here are some of my overhead and side beauty shots taken for the Cooking Channel’s show Kelsey’s Essentials 3:

http://bit.ly/wfh5Ll – Chocolate Pasta

http://bit.ly/FOZnhQ – Pork Dumplings

http://bit.ly/FP9L9K – A somewhat comprehensive list with most of my photos.

And secondly, I completed a small video for my company, the Deshpande Foundation. Sure, sound isn’t great, and there are parts that could be better, but I did my best for my first…well, job assignment video ever. I’m pleased considering I’ve never done a video like this before, and plus, you get to see a bunch of my awesome students!

I hope you enjoy it! Let’s pray for the best now that I’m about to get my MRI results back, eh?



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