Hey, I’m a College Lecturer!


Lecturing and attending lecturers isn’t all that fascinating, so when I had the chance to start lecturing for a Deshpande Foundation program called LEAD, I knew I wanted to turn the opportunity into a creative workshop experience.

So far I’ve lectured on creativity and innovation at several colleges in the state of Karnataka, India, and it’s been a terrific experience. The majority of the students are in the engineering field and have joined LEAD with the hopes of improving India through social innovation. With a lack of practical learning experiences in the classroom, I hoped that some interactive sessions on new ideas would excite and inspire these extremely intelligent youngsters. I like to think that they really enjoyed the workshop and learned something, because the response seemed very positive. I can’t wait to do a few more!

Work may be frustrating here in India, but these types of teaching opportunities really make it all worth it. I feel so lucky for this chance to challenge their minds!


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