Back from Nicaragua, But…

…for the first time in a while, I have a valid excuse as to why I haven’t posted. I a.) lost my notebook in which I keep post notes, and b.) have been sick. I either caught something on my way to or in Nicaragua, because ever since being back I’ve had a severe illness that hasn’t allowed me to work. It’s no bueno for sure, but as soon as find my notebook and am well, provided I don’t get a life sentence, I’ll be here to post something to tickle your funny bone.

Who’s not laughing? This guy. See ya on the flip side.



No Time, No Time

In case you didn’t already know I was a terrible person, consider this: I haven’t written a proper blog post in months. Count September and October in addition, and you’ve got a pretty rotten person. This is peak photography season, so I’m happy to be busy in some cool places around the country and world.


Okay, so Austria wasn’t too shabby, and maybe one day I’ll get to write about it, but at this point I kind of doubt it. One day I’ll have free time and be funny again. Just kidding.