Not Overheard in New York


I always thought that conversations overheard in NYC were interesting, but they’re nothin’ compared to what people say to you abroad. Locals truly say the darndest things while you’re on the road, so as proof, I decided to write a few of them down. And yes, all of these conversations took place word for word.


Not Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

My coworker, while in the car with us, listening to a song on the radio:

“What is this song about?”

Abraham, our driver: “The internet. How fast it is.”

(Silence as he listens intently.)

“It’s the fastest 3G network!”


Role Models

Random man who came up to us while on the beach:

“I’m a good Muslim. I don’t do anything bad. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. But I do do Bob Marley.


He was stoned.


Birds? Naw.

A man who took a fancy to me and wanted to take me out in Africa:

“Let’s go out and play some pool at a real club.”

“Um…that’s very kind of you, but I work every day, all day, so I’m not really free…”


“Tomorrow I’m free like a bat flying everywhere.”


Taylor Swift Might Disagree

From a Moroccan:

“Kanye West is the BEST!”



From a suitor:

“You don’t like smoke?”

Me, coughing:
“No,  I don’t.”


“I will quit smoking for you.”


No More Lipitor

Me, to a local after seeing a giant, 2-food-long animal scurry past:

“Uh…what was that?”


“Rat. We eat it here to lower blood pressure.”


Breaking the Rules 

TSA in Africa:

“This bug spray is over 2 ounces.”


“Yes, but there are so many mosquitoes here I need it.”

TSA man:
“That makes sense. You can take it.”


We’re Not In ‘Murica No More

Any man to me:

“You look so good.”


 He Wasn’t Concentrating on the Rules

TSA in Gambia:

“You had a nice visit?”

Me, nervous about him seeing that I brought water in my water bottle, but knowing anything I buy will be lukewarmer:

“Yes, I had a wonderful time!”
TSA agent:

“Can I join you for a drink later?”



Well, it certainly appears that people do things a li’l differently over here. I’ve had some more adventures since my trip to Africa, but that doesn’t mean I’ve run out of photos! Here are a few more from Morocco and The Gambia to tickle your funny bone(s).


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