California, Here I Come [to Eat]!

Exciting news! I’m headed to California! It’s for business now, so don’t get all excited. All right, get a little excited. I’ll be eating free food for business and then traveling around and camping for a few days with a good friend of mine out there. Just to remind you of why I’m excited, let’s take a look at what it looks like here in New York at the moment:

My driveway this month. Me in my driveway, February 2014. It’s cold here.

Me in California, circa 2011. Note the happiness, the Spam t-shirt, and the awesome double chin. Classy.

I’m thrilled to be able to explore again, if only for a short time. Oh, and you can be sure that amazing night timelapses from the desert, mouthwatering food, and odd roadsides attraction photos will show up on here in due time. Here’s to adventure!


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