Close-Up Photography of Asia’s Unique Insects

When I’m not being offered insects and [previously] flying/hopping creatures for lunch in, say, Thailand, I love going out and photographing these often bizarre, beautifully colored flying creatures. It’s true; there are few things I’d rather do than take a walk in the wilds of Asia and hunt for incredible bugs to photograph. Unfortunately I don’t have enough money for a true macro lens, but you’ll get the picture anyhow: These bugs are a wee bit different from the ones we’re used to in the good ol’ USA. Why are they so interesting? Maybe it’s that 100% rice diet they’re all on, or maybe they’ve just been blessed with better genes than our everyday wasps and moths. Either way, I hope you enjoy these photos of mine from hikes in Thailand, India, and Nepal!

If you have a question about a certain species or want to know where I found a certain bug, feel free to either comment directly on the photo by clicking and enlarging it, or by replying to the post below.


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