Exciting News!

Finally I am feeling well enough and sure enough to announce some exciting news. Can you guess what it is? Choose no more than one of the following:

a.) I now own an emu.

b.) My Mongolian prince proposed to me.

c.) I was finally released from the Canary Islands Penetentiary.

d.) I have a 2-month job.

e.) I finally made it into Guinness for most tattoos, piercings, and body hooks on a female.


Did you guess c? Then you’re wrong! The real answer is d., but here’s why I’m excited: First off, I’m feeling almost normal again, and second, I’m thrilled I have the opportunity to work with people while diving, exploring, and photographing. I’m a travel journalist for a scuba diving site and their upcoming location for review is Malta, a tiny island country in between Italy and Tunisia. Confused? So are 99% of people I mention this to. Here’s a bit to help in case you haven’t already Wikipedia-ed it: http://bit.ly/PgqbQK

I’ll be writing, interviewing, taking photos, seeing what Malta has to offer, and diving most days I’m there. This will also be a chance to explore more in underwater photography, cliff jump, live with the locals, and really get a feel for the place. I found a unique job site while in Thailand, and upon signing up, this job was the absolute first one to pop up, and I remember my jaw dropped open because it was completely up my alley. Will I get rich doing this? No, but I’m thrilled to get to do this. 

Naturally I’m most excited about the diving part, but because of my recent illness, I’ll have to hold off for a couple of weeks until I’m feeling 100% and have medical approval. As some of you know, I came down with something in Thailand, got better on meds, then came down with something else on the flight home. On and off I was sick with what doctors believed to be mono, but after 4 different doctor visits and weeks in and out of bed, we all figured out it was a Lyme flair-up, or asymptomatic Lyme. Once on meds, I’ve felt human again. That was a close one. I’m just happy I’m going and pray my once-great health continues to improve. Thanks, li’l ticks. Now stay out of it, aight?

More details to come, but since I just got the doc’s approval to travel and leave…well, TOMORROW (Sunday October 7th), I have approximately 30 hours to get ready. See you in Malta!


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