Waterfalls Galore in the Ithaca Gorges


If you know me at all, you know that I adore waterfalls. Whether I’m hiking to them, photographing them, jumping off them, or sliding down them, I think they’re an amazing creation of nature. Add to that great friends, lovely new folks, and eating galore, and it’s pretty much a perfect road trip.

You guessed it! I just returned from a visit to Ithaca, NY. Though I go every year, this year was definitely the best, partly because so many friends were there, partly because I had my own car with which to explore (I used to always take the bus from the city), and partly because everything was so darn gorgeous! I stayed a couple of nights each with several different friends and had as many hiking and food adventures as possible along the way. After seeing friends in Binghamton and playing the world’s longest mini-golf hole (who knew?), I ate my way through Ithaca, saw about 30 friends who all happened to be studying or teaching during that specific week, and hiked and cliff jumped to my heart’s delight. 

We went waterfall sliding near 1st Dam, cliff jumping at 2nd Dam, hiking around the reservoir, exploring in the Secret Glen, and hiking in Treman Falls State Park, Buttermilk Falls State Park, Cascadilla, and more. All the favorites, I’d say. Eating commenced at the farmers market twice (breakfast burritos and Khmer mung bean balls, of course!), and stops were made at Viva, Purity, Taste of Thai, Cayuga Creamery, and so on. Did I feel good after my week-long visit? Of course not, but it was absolutely worth it. We also made pita bread, explored a wild blueberry patch further upstate, created a summer salad, visited old professors, and hung out with so many friends. When I had time to myself, I went to my favorite spots for some quiet photography moments in the early morn. What an absolutely delightful trip! 

Above are images from the various state parks and local spots. If you go, I only hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


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