Why I’m Entering a Tourism-Sponsored Contest


It seems silly, right? I’m the Anti-Tourist Traveler, and here I am in the running to win my dream summer job with, you got it, a tourism board.

Why, you ask?

It’s simple: I am passionate about sharing the outdoors with everyone possible, and I firmly believe that no matter where one is, there are hidden wonders (as well as popular sites) to discover and enjoy.

While surfing Idealist.org back a while ago, I saw that the folks at www.HostOurCoast.com had launched their 3rd annual search for the next summer host of the coast. It was exactly the kind of position I’d been looking for, and here’s why:

-I love the outdoors, and am fairly experienced with all the activities one would do for the job–kayaking, hiking, biking, fishing, bird watching (yes, it’s true), etc.
-I am a lover of travel (though admittedly few aren’t!) and truly enjoy sharing my experiences with everyone. I have plenty of stories from all around the world if you’re ever interested!
-Living a sustainable lifestyle and being “green” is easier said than done, but I try my best to use and reuse, recycle, not buy harmful/unnecessary products such as bottled water, and live in such a way that harms the Earth as little as possible. I’m also always interested in learning new gardening methods, energy ideas, and new ways to protect our planet.
-I am a freelance writer, a part-time photographer, an occasional videographer, a creative brainstormer, a food reviewer, a volunteer teacher, and more. I’m not trying to come off as a bragging buffoon; I’m only trying to point out that, well, I believe I’m well-versed in every area they’ll be looking at!
-Sharing the outdoors with others is extremely gratifying, especially when there’s an opportunity to teach youngsters about fun recreational sports and natural beauty found in the great outdoors.
-Whether I’m in a popular tourist spot or am living out in the middle of nowhere, I always manage to find excitement and interesting activities. There are locals to talk to, places to take random walks, and always new things to see around every corner. If one hunts, excitement can be found (just not necessarily in a guidebook).  Even in Times Square there are fantastic places and restaurants to discover that are just minutes away from the crowds! This is true nearly everywhere, and my research always yields fun results whether alone or with friends.

I could go on with plenty of reasons about why I want to win this opportunity more than any job I’ve ever applied to, but I’d be talking faster than you’d care to hear. I’m extremely flattered at the support I’ve received from voting and commenting friends, so I’m happy that everyone understands why I’m working so hard towards this goal. So yes, while I’ll be working for DLITE (DelMarVa Low Impact Tourism Experiences) if I win, it’s an opportunity to showcase a part of the country that has quite a few hidden treasures, great museums, national parks, summer events, and more. And while on and off the shooting/exploring schedule, I’m sure I’ll find amazing opportunities to learn about and discover the gems of Delmarva.

In short, that is why I would absolutely love your support!

Vote daily (in takes under 30 seconds!) or leave a comment at http://bit.ly/fCvsN4 Thank you!


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