Back from the Days of Food Network

I worked for the Food Network for several years, most of the time on assignment as a researcher/casting consultant on Throwdown With Bobby Flay. Because it was a surprise show, I wasn’t really supposed to be shown on television. The other night, however two friends messaged me, “Coop, we thought we saw you on Throwdown, and then in the next scene, we realized it was definitely you!” The editors had a running joke that they’d sneak me into almost every show they could, and I think I was shown on about five of them. Below is a separate project I worked on with Bobby Flay (I did scouting and casting for this one). Knowing I love to be in front of the camera, my producers often scheduled days for me to be on-set of non-Throwdown shows so I could be interviewed and chat up the audience. I’ll take it! Here’s one such clip:

(Scroll to 3:09)


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