PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 10


The Odds ‘n’ Ends:

Taken in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.

Photos that were posted elsewhere, have amusing comments, or were lost due to Asian flash drive/flash card viruses until recently.

Enjoy at your own risk!

Photos labeled below, by number:

(1) Hidden Malaysian Prayer Building, as seen from the less-hidden temple next door.

(2) Boys playing takraw in Posor, Thailand.

(3) Me with one of our pet rhinoceros beetles. (Thailand)

(4) With one of my hosts–a truly wonderful woman who helped run her Indian family’s dairy farm. The best Indian food of my life. (Malaysia)

(5) I’m really just happy about the banana chips I’m eating. (Thailand)

(6) Thinking and writing in the middle of nowhere, Thailand.

(7) I wish I knew what was going on here, too. (Thailand)

(8) Some of my camp kids. (Thailand)

(9) Giant shrimp at a market. (Malaysia)

(10) My “mom” weaving a bag. (Thailand)

(11) Beautiful butterfilies on a walk (and they’re monster-sized, too!) in Thailand.

(12) Crossing the flooded river, Thailand.


29 thoughts on “PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 10

  1. (3) A) Is that a rhinoceros beetle, and is it your pet and that’s why it’s tied to your wrist?B) Is that watch the most valuable item in the whole province, and now you own many cows?

  2. (4) You KNOW I’ve only gained weight. Anything you see there that makes me look remotely slim is simply a cruel optical illusion.

  3. (5) You almost look like part of the billboard…If I could read the lingo, it would probably say "Try Skinny White Chick Chips- now with 10% less rat feces!". Have fun. >;}

  4. (7) It is none of the above. Sorry, folks. You need some head flip in your song choice. Or something non-American. Or both?

  5. (7) I’ve got it! It’s the "kid dancing stiffly in the background of every group dance scene in every Peanuts cartoon special" dance.

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