PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 5


Taken in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kampot, Kep, and other bitty towns, Cambodia.

Photo captions below, by number:

(1) If you guessed that this is Angkor Wat, you guessed correctly.

(2) Oh sure, if I was a father I would fish in my undies with my butt-naked son in front of the ruins, why not?

(3) Angkor Thom

(4) A girl helping sell bananas, and with such a pretty, innocent look!

(5) Big tree.

(6) Not a bad picture op while you’re having delicious mangoes cut up for you!

(7) Sorry, another monkey picture…he stuck his tongue out at me! This before the mauling, of course.

(8) A mother, son, and daughter with terrible teeth. Be thankful there’s no closeup.

(9) …and laughing at the results on my pal’s camera…this one cracks me up.

(10) More Angkor…deserted. Awesome.

(11) Daily life in the country.

(12) One of my fav.

(13) On the island.

(14) Sunset on the island.

(15) A boy’s life.

(16) You had to be there.


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