PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 4


Taken in Kuala Lumpur and KKB, Malaysia, and Tonsai and Railay, Thailand

Photo captions below, by number:

(1) I was going to take product photos in the park for the company I was volunteering with. “Just watch your camera because the monkeys might try to steal it,” I was warned. Awesome. So here’s the first of many wild monkey shots.

(2) A master in the art of using a curved machete AND a forklift/dozer?!

(3) An awesome “hidden” beach on Tonsai. Not so hidden, of course, but still a beauty.

(4) Coolest dragonfly eva.

(5) One of my favorite shots. This kid was adorable, and of Aborigine Malaysian descent.

(6) The reflection is cool. The guy was not.

(7) Yeah, you really have to wear these hats while farming in Malaysia or you’ll fry. Laugh all you want, but it works.

(8) Cuter than your average lizard.

(9) Thailand of course.

(10) A “special” woman. A really, seriously, special case. Mentally retarded, but “chosen” as a wife by the guy I stayed with since he believes he was her in a past life. No joke.

(11) I love the guilty look.

(12) Three village kids in a strange Malaysian village. Fun times though.

(13) Different kind of monkey. This one’s on a Thai island.

(14) Ok, so maybe Thailand has a little natural beauty.


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