PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 3


You guys keep asking for it, so here’s another batch of photos from my adventure!

Taken in Salang & ABC, Tioman, and Tambun, Malaysia

Photo captions below, by number:

(1) I wish I had a cave in my backyard.

(2) Can you tell which ones are the real warriors? I think we blend in quite well…

(3) Hopefully this shot can give y’all a glimpse of the crazy temples and limestone landscape. That’s a temple, and the next photo shows what it looks like from the inside.

(4) Yep, this is what it looks like on the bottom floor. It was so beautiful, and we were the only people inside! We climbed all the way up, though it goes on six stories higher than you can see here.

(5) On the second level, you jog around the entire circumference of the temple while spinning these “chimes.”

(6) This lovely image awaits you when you pass the tenth floor. Its back is a tree–you can see some of the branches sticking out near the head.

(7) And this is what it looks like from behind the hand. It’s a pretty awesome view.

(8) Back on the Malaysian islands, he happily cleaned his chalets every day.

(9) Mr. Singh, whose house I stayed at for a bit. In a rare moment of silence.

(10) More of the family I stayed with.

(11) This is my own version of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” BEFORE they decided to wreck the amazing book with a terrible movie.

(12) The Malaysian flag through a window in a haunted British castle.

(13) Only natural colorings and flavorings!

(14) Huuuuge wok! Yum.

(15) You just get a few scoops of this and that, and you might get weird preserved veggies, sweet dried fruits, spicy nuts, or dried fish. Every scoop is a risk.

(16) This one is for my mom. Just to elicit a scream.

(17) This just proves that puppies are cute all over the world, even if they’re only fed rice.

(18) Men on a fishing boat and a killer stare.

(19) Kids sneaking a peek outside their home on the island.


12 thoughts on “PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 3

  1. (3) This is in central Malaysia in a part that no tourists know about, near Tambun. It was extremely amazing, and when I see you in person, I’ll try to show you where I was to take the picture…

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