PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 2


Here’s the second installment of photos from my travels. This one includes more from my Thailand teaching and travels, and then some of snorkeling and camping on a Malaysian island.

Taken in La Oop, Mae Sariang, and Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Salang, Malaysia

Photos are labeled with numbers below. To read why I must do it this way, please see Photos – Southeast Asia Part 1.

(1) I just rode my bike in back of a Thai temple in Chiang Mai and found this. The monk on the left knew some English, and I knew some Thai, so we ended up talking for half an hour.

(2) This is supposed to look scary, but actually it’s the fun after-school boy scouts/girl scouts program where they do relay races and fun stuff on the playground. But yeah, the government-issue uniforms are scary.

(3) Amazing leaf bug.

(4) I crocheted this hat for my littlest sister. The orange color was the only yarn sold for miles and miles, so don’t blame me.

(5) This is a dragonfly with the thinnest black wings folded above its body. Alien-like, oui?

(6) He used to love NY, too.

(7) I’m in a tree, I’m in a tree, take a good hard look at the MOTHER-

(8) A man working on a fishing boat. Note the cigarette in one hand and cell phone in the other despite the poor working conditions.

(9) The view from where we camped for free. Dang.

(10) Me and Hamid.

(11) Oh come on, they’re cute! In a creepy kind of way.

(12) Just a cool li’l lizard, but not as cool as the next one, which is…

(13) …a WILD Komodo Dragon!

(14) A local Malay woman fishing in the morning.

(15) My little sister in the village.

(16) What I had to eat every day with rice. It’s about as good as it looks.

(17) Me and Sanit.

(18) You had to be there.

(19) This is how you get drinks to go. A cup? Try a bag. Thanks.

(20) An abandoned farm shed in Thailand.


44 thoughts on “PHOTOS – Southeast Asia Part 2

  1. (4) What?!! you crocheted this??! Awesome Coop! I didn’t know you could crochet! You never cease to amaze me with your hidden talents!!

  2. (4) LATER: My sister crocheted this hat for me. The orange color was the only yarn sold for miles and miles, so don’t blame me. 🙂

  3. (6) He looks a little more cheerful, too. He’s only been over there a month longer than you. All rice and no Entenmanns make Coop a sad girl. How do you know it’s a ‘he’? Have you two set a date? ….I’m done now.

  4. (6) He was definitely a dude. Can’t you tell by the small pelvis? What happened to your education? Too much time spent on bat combustion?We’re tying the knot yesterday.

  5. (8) I’m curious, did you have a convo with this guy before taking his picture or did you just walk up to him and say "can I take your picture"? it’s nice that he smiled so much for the camera!:)

  6. (8) Yes, I asked him with motions since he didn’t speak english, but he was happy to just continue doing his stuff on his work break.

  7. (11) They’re really cute! But woah, it looks like daylight!? They were out like that in daylight? I mean I know they mostly appear to be sleeping but shouldn’t they be in a dark place?

  8. (11) Not all bats are depressed, gdogg. Haha, but really, bats are out at all times of the day, squawking like mad, playing, sleeping. It’s just an American myth that they’re nasty and only come out at night.

  9. (11) I never meant for such havoc to result from a bat comment, but alas, I haven’t had a chance to YouTube a pet skunk yet since I’m at (volunteer) work. I look forward to it, and then, mr. brit, I will let you know.

  10. (14) did you ask her if you could take a picture of her? (I’m not scolding, but curious at how a professional photographer does her thing!;)

  11. (14) Ah, this one, no. She was fairly far away, and I’m not showing her face so TECHNICALLY it’s okay…I think…I hope…don’t think she’s on fb.

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