I made it alive!

Hi all!

I have little time, or actually much time but little time on the internet and a slower connection than we used to have back in good ol’ Pleasant Valley, to write a longer run-on sentence. Anyhow, I wanted to let you all know that I have not only survived my three flights, but two days in Bangkok and a harrowing bus trip up to Northwest Thailand as well. I am about to go up to the hilltribes near Mae Sariang, where I may be able to be in contact every once in a while.

Hope you are all well, and please email me or text any time! I may not reply right away, but I will get them. And yes, I’ll try to be safe, avoid the drug trade, not contract malaria, and lose weight. Okay, we all know the last one is a complete lie.

Love always,



One thought on “I made it alive!

  1. Note: Because these updates were originally emailed and posted on Facebook, only certain public responses will be posted. Personal emails in response to emailed updates will not be posted to retain privacy and somewhat un-PC notes. This is a shame, because readers will be missing hundreds of hysterical emails that were emailed to me with the best intentions, including a memorable one from an old trumpet teacher that included Michael Jackson, crotch-grabbing, and belly-rubbing all in the same sentence. Alas, they were only meant for my eyes. Please enjoy the more Kosher public posts!

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