March Snow Brings…April Sun? Please.

People in the northern hemisphere consider March 20th or 21st to be the official start of Spring. And sure, it is. Technically. How does one say “It’s springtime!” when there is a foot of snow outside and it’s sleeting so hard that you can’t see more than 20 feet ahead of you? Oh, if you’re in denial, right.

It’s not spring. Stop calling it such. To solve this problem, come April (in just a couple hours), I’m leaving. Not permanently…just for a bit. First up is work in New Jersey. Just kidding–you thought that was leaving? No, I’m going to Chicago. It’s always warm there. Okay, but seriously, after that, and after work here in New York, I’m getting my butt over to Los Angeles for some warm weather, hiking, and camping. It’ll be Joshua Tree time!

Remember this?

Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA

Yeah…it’s time to go take more photos like this, or (hopefully) even better. I’ll be in JT National Park, and then LA, and then likely back up to my second home in San Francisco/Bay Area. I’ll be doing several shoots around the desert and city, so it should be fun and finally creative!

The waterfalls here are pretty, and the ice is too, but I’m ready to not be shivering most of the day. You?