New Zealand, Los Angeles, New York, and Lots of Food

In today’s tight-lipped update, I’ll say that I’m still exhausted from weeks of hiking in New Zealand, eating in Los Angeles, and working in New York. Apparently I only travel to dual word places. Anyhow, I literally was on boats, buses, trains, planes, cars, and armadillos in the past 31 days. Minus the armadillos. I was only piggyback riding on one. It was full of so much food (the good food in LA, not NZ…puhlease), and some great hiking, and many stories. Did I mention I went to Cirque du Soleil, too? Well, I’ve got some tight deadlines but will post a few photos from this month’s adventures.



I’m Headed to New Zealand!

I’m excited to say that I’m headed to New Zealand for the New Year and much of January! I’m not solo traveling this time, but going with a very good friend of mine. We’ll be hiking, visiting some friends of mine, hiking, camping, hiking, road tripping the whole time, hiking, and hopefully seeing amazing views. I was asked to photograph the Times Square Ball Drop again for New Year’s Eve 2018, though I believe New Zealand is a decent excuse to not be working.

Update: Here in New Zealand on the North Island it’s not too shabby! This is the Blue Pools. My dream. And yes, this is completely unedited–it’s really this green and aqua. Yaaaaas. More to come at some fictional point in time!